8 Ways to Wear Yellow This Winter ...


8 Ways to Wear Yellow This Winter ...
8 Ways to Wear Yellow This Winter ...

My mother swears that wearing yellow in winter makes her feel warmer, happier. I always thought she was just being silly… until I tried it myself by wearing a bright yellow pea coat. I did feel warmer, like I was adding a tiny ray of sunshine to my own winter weather! Now I’m a devotee of her trend, and I’m always on the lookout for a yellow coat or sweater or pair of boots. Here are 8 ways to wear yellow this winter… give it a go!

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Cupid Cardigan

Cupid Cardigan Price: $38.99 at shopruche.com
No matter what you have planned during the workday, this cardigan can handle it all with grace and brilliance. Status meeting? Layer over a white blouse with grey flannel pin-stripe trousers and strands of necklaces. Client luncheon? Wear a floral-print frock, ankle booties, and layer this cardi on top. I love the sweet pleats along the neckline, and the longer-than-average length…


My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Coat

My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Coat Price: $120.00 at shopruche.com
If I didn’t already have a yellow winter coat, this would be on my must-have list. As it is, I can still recommend it to someone else, a fellow yellow fashionista. It’s fully lined and features a hood and pockets on each side… what a brilliant way to add a spot of sunshine to even the chilliest winter day!


On the Hunt for Love Coat

On the Hunt for Love Coat Price: $62.99 at shopruche.com
This coat is perfect for less-than-dressy days, with a faux fur-lined hood, toggle closures, and pockets on the front. Pair with chunky boots and skinny jeans for an afternoon of outdoor shopping… and be sure to grab a steamy hot latte on the way out…


Daffodil Fields Cashmere Sweater Dress

Daffodil Fields Cashmere Sweater Dress Price: $48.99 at shopruche.com
What a soft shade of yellow! The dolman sleeves are elegant, the deep vee neck is flattering, the self-tie is versatile, and the length is demure and ladylike. Pair with patterned tights, lace-up ankle booties, and a soft, sweet cardi to complete the look. So lovely!


Mustard Masterpiece Cowl Neck Scarf

Mustard Masterpiece Cowl Neck Scarf Price: $18.99 at shopruche.com
Hooray for bright yellow, so eye-opening and smile-inducing! This neck scarf is ideal for adding extra warmth, and color, to a vee neck sweater, especially when paired with a long skirt or dark-wash super-skinny jeans.


Sunshine of Your Love Bubble Dress

Sunshine of Your Love Bubble Dress Price: $108.99 at shopruche.com
This lush, lovely strapless silk dress is the exact shade of sunshine, and is a timely reminder that spring, then summer, will be here soon. The dress features a hidden side zip and a gorgeous, intricate round ruche detailing in the center. It’s so flattering, and will stand out in a winter’s worth of boring black party dresses.


Zaira Flower Appliqué Cardi

Zaira Flower Appliqué Cardi Price: $74.99 at shopruche.com
If you love your cardigans just a little longer than the norm, then give this one a look. It’s a lush cream color with accents in mustard yellow. Note the flower appliqués on the front, and the delicate ruffled sleeves… consider how pretty it will look with your favorite faded jeans… then take a second glance at the price, and treat yourself!

These are just a handful of the beautiful ways to warm your winter days by wearing yellow… my mother is so right! Which of these gorgeous yellow clothes and accessories do you think is best for winter, and how would you wear it? Or do you reserve yellow for spring and summer wear only? Please share!

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i wouldn't call most of these "yellow"... but #1 & #2 are my favourite!

Wow, in love with that first one!!! so cute!!

These are all so pretty!

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