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5 Ways to Go Skirting around Fabulously...

By Meream

1 Go Full

Been staring at a full skirt and wondering how to wear it? Check out this link for several great ideas. I often wear full skirts similar to style # 2 since I love flat shoes.

2 Go Lacy

How pretty is this lacy skirt? I have one in black and I think I should get me one in a light color, too. And perhaps a jacket as fab as this one as well.

3 Go Mini

How chic does Alexis Bledel look here? Nothing like white top + black pencil skirt + red pumps to exude the right amount of HOT.

4 Go DIY

Sewing skirts is one of my favorites because they are generally easy to make. I have yet to make one with tulle so this tutorial is great. Have a peek and tell us what you think!

5 Go Sheer

One of the great things about wearing a full and sheer skirt is the float-y feeling you get when it's breezy. You feel like a pretty ballerina!

Saw, made, or bought a skirt lately? Why don't you tell us about it by leaving a comment? Or show us a photo of you in your fave skirt if you just happen to have a fashion blog.

Top Photo Credit: Dustin Diaz

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