7 Great Fashion Blogs ...


7 Great Fashion Blogs ...
7 Great Fashion Blogs ...

Chic and beautiful and (insert any positive adjective here), The Glamourai is one of the fashion blogs out there that has inspired other girls to start their own fashion blogs or to be more expressive and daring when it comes to dressing up. Of course, it does not hurt that Kelly is one beautiful girl with legs any girl would want. I have to tell you something, though, what I covet is her creative bone. She has fun DIYs and amazing jewelry and wraps (for sale).

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Pandora I don't know about you but French fashion bloggers are just too mesmerizing to ignore. Miss Pandora is one example. She is the perfect combination of achingly beautiful and stylish. Her blog not only gives us a glimpse into her life but also into culture-rich Paris. Oh yeah, shelooks great in nerdy glasses and I am jealous. If you can't understand French, simply use the translate tool on the upper right corner of her blog, just below the header.


Liebemarlene Vintage Look Book Rhiannon, in my opinion, is one of the most adorable fashion bloggers out there. I love her style for many reasons. First, she always incorporates thrifted and vintage items with her looks. Also, she has hair that I crazily want but alas, cannot have. And thirdly, she rocks that pale skin-dark hair combo. Her photos are wonderful; they transport you to a sepia-toned world of antiques, Southern homes, sunny fields, and hazy lazy Sundays.


Super Kawaii Mama Super Kawaii Mama is Candice DeVille. Oh yeah, how awesome is her name? But even more awesome is her fun and girly-girl blog! I can't honestly describe her style as easily as I can the other bloggers I have previously mentioned. You just have to check her blog in order to be completely blown away. I love her blog because she does not make you feel bad about wanting all things girly. Oh yeah, she's crafty, too.


Frugal Fashionista Being obsessed with celebrities and the way they dress is one sure way to drown in credit card debt. Thankfully, there is a way for you to steal your favorite celeb's style without letting go of a huge amount of money. Frugal Fashionista is one of those budget style blogs that has helped many clueless stylistas be fashionable yet money-smart.


La Carmina Published writer and Japanese pop culture expert, La Carmina is the blogger for you if you like all things Harajuku and Alice in Wonderland. I love how she makes it look like dressing up is fun and never tiring. Of course, I am in love with her catas well.


Violet LeBeaux Another cool blogger with a cool name. But her "coolness" does not end there. Violet is a graphic artist andillustrator. She is crafty. She is adorable in her Lolita and princess style. I reckon she is one the most uniquely-dressed (and adorable) ladies over at Australia. Her blog is a wonderful explosion of girly and fun.

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A couple new ones in there for me. Thanks!

Pandora is really nice!!! great photo, fashion and setting! thanks for sharing this..... i love love love Paris, makes me wanna go back there!

Aww! Thank you so much for featuring my blog!

l like Pandora. Really good layout and presentation of their website

OOh good ones, plus many I haven't heard of, so now I have to check them out!

What a nice blog. I'm looking forward to your next post. For sure, every one is so excited for that. Thank you so much.

Oh wow, true enough, all these blogs are amazing... I especially adore The Glamourai, I have added most of them to my bookmark for daily reads. :)

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