7 Popular Fashion Magazines ...


7 Popular Fashion Magazines ...
7 Popular Fashion Magazines ...

Here is a list of 7 popular fashion magazines that I’ve compiled. There are many out there and most of these are well known by just about everyone. Women who are looking to find a fashion magazine that suits them might have an easier time after reading a bit about what each one offers. I would love to have a subscription to each of these, but I actually find it easier to rotate my subscriptions from time to time.

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Redbook Photo Credit: 50 Lengths

Women who are not only interested in fashion, but who also happen to be working mothers can find excellent information in this magazine. Issues on parenting, marriage, finances, and sex are all addressed. There are also excellent book review and short stories that many women feel to be inspiring. Guides for healthy eating and fantastic recipes are also included.



Allure Photo Credit: aphotogroove.com

For the more contemporary woman, this magazine has plenty of beauty and fashion tips. Advice from celebrities is included for women looking to be not only fashionable, but also fit and feeling beautiful too. The pros in fashion offer tips on looking fantastic with the latest products and how to determine which ones work best for each individual.


Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar Photo Credit: CBDfashion.com

Some of the best shopping buys can be found with this magazine. Not only are there many fashion ideas and beauty secrets revealed, but also runway reports for those interested in the latest trends. This is one magazine that lets women become a fashion authority for themselves. Being able to shop like a pro has never been easier.


Marie Claire

Marie Claire Photo Credit: Vineria Group

Tips from professional stylists, as well as questions answered by such stylists are available in this magazine. Not only is it filled with beauty secrets and shopping tips, but also advice on careers, relationships, and current fashion trends. Celebrity news is mentioned as a special feature in every issue. Social issues and world events are also provided to keep women up to date.



Cosmopolitan Photo Credit: SWANclothing

Celebrity gossip is the ever popular part of Cosmo that women love to read about after stocking up on the latest fashion tips, sex advice, and relationship assistance. Beauty and style suggestions are also included. Many women consider this to be one of the best magazines for advice on dressing in a fashionable and sexy manner.



Vogue Photo Credit: PENELOPE !!

When it comes to fashion, this magazine focuses on the elegant side. It might even be considered a fashion magazine for the more eclectic crowd. Current news about popular fashions, cultural happenings, and basic entertainment can also be found within the pages. Makeup, hair, and health suggestions are ever-present, as well as tips on relationships and exercise programs.



Elle Photo Credit: digitaldirectphotos.com

Modern women of today can keep up with the latest fashion trends, find out where some of the best shopping is located, as well as staying up to date with popular styles. Tips on health and beauty line every issue. Readers can learn about talent popping up among multiple cultures. This magazine seems to be truly devoted to women who are well-traveled and consider themselves to be somewhat on the sophisticated side.

There are a couple of subscriptions in this list of 7 popular fashion magazines that I try to always keep current. I really enjoy reading Elle and usually pass my issues on to both my sisters. Of course it’s always a battle between them to see which one gets the issue first. Do you have a favorite fashion magazine you like better than all the rest? What is it about this particular magazine that you feel makes it better than others?

Top Photo Credit: AddiSamInLove

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I love flipping through Marie Claire.

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