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7 Dangerous Fashion Trends ...

By Rebecca

Girls, let’s be honest. We’re all willing to go a little crazy in the interest of looking fierce, but how often does following fads put our health at risk? Fashion, it turns out, can be fatal, and here are some surprisingly dangerous trends to avoid.

1 Perilous Platforms

Ladies, beware: it turns out that ‘killer heels’ isn’t just an expression. With the return of towering stilettos, footwear is becoming fatal. While falling remains the number one threat, shoe lovers also face a host of chronic injuries. Walking in heels can cause osteoarthritis which means doctor’s bills as high as the guilty shoes themselves!

2 Over Oversized Bags?

Unlike the clutches and micro-bags of the last decade there is space in today’s oversized shopper to fit just about anything, and this, chiropractors tell us, is a serious problem. Girls literally lugging their lives in their Louis Vuittons are presenting with multiple strains and the beginnings of arthritis. Remember ladies, fashion should be fun, not a pain in the neck, so be a little selective when you’re packing that tremendous tote


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3 Suffocating Sashes

Throughout history women have hankered after tinier waists. Tudor girls wore metal corsets, Victorians ladies were strapped into crinolines, and today we breathe in and do the waist-belt up another notch. While this modern method seems tame it’s not without its risks. A too-snug waist-belt can compress the lungs, causing nausea and dizziness from a lack of oxygen. So girls, easy-does-it when you’re buckling up. Try to remember it’s his breath, not your own, that you want to take away!

4 Tanning Terrors

By now we all know about the dangers of lying in the sun and yet tanning parlors and salons have never been so popular. Not only does UV exposure cause skin to dry out and loose elasticity, it’s been conclusively linked to cancers as well. My advice? Slap on that sun lotion and haul out the self-bronzer. Remember girls, tan leather is fabulous, but only in a handbag!

5 Eye-dentity Crisis!

Colored contacts: honestly, we’ve all thought about giving them a go. And now they’re available over the counter. Fantastic? Not so much. Contacts sold without prescription are invariably misused. Uninformed wearers tend not to clean them properly and this can lead to infection and even blindness.

6 Malicious Manicures

For many women whose own talons are fragile and brittle, nail overlays are heaven-sent. But falsie fans, be warned: veneers come with their fair share of risk. Acrylics can encourage the natural nail to separate from the finger, often saddling the wearer with a painful fungal infection. And ladies, let’s be honest … fungus? Is there anything less glam?

7 Hydro Hysteria

Drinking water is a necessity but it’s possible to overdo it. Recent reports show we tend to glug down enough H2O to potentially damage our systems. So how much water should we be taking in? Nowadays most believe in just drinking when we’re thirsty. So girls, be sensible: let’s not drown ourselves. Drink water when you want it — what could be simpler?

Sound familiar ladies? Is your oversized bag a literal pain in the neck? Are those super stilettos giving you grief? Drop us a line! We’d love to hear your take on these and any other dangerous trends.

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