7 Worst Fashion Disasters of the Decade ...


7 Worst Fashion Disasters of the Decade ...
7 Worst Fashion Disasters of the Decade ...

While the last ten years had some fashion highs they also saw some of the worst fashion disasters ever seen. Trends, which were unflattering, tacky or just plain gross, inexplicably became hugely popular. Thankfully most of them are on their way out, but before we say goodbye to these horrible trends, let’s walk down memory lane and review some of the worst fashion disasters of the decade:

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Harem Pants

Harem Pants Photo Credit: duende clothings

Harem pants are probably the most ugly if not unflattering style of clothing ever to make its way into the fashion scene. The only people who could possibly carry them off were the extremely skinny undernourished model types. Sadly the remaining 99% of the population didn’t seem to be aware of that. Women of all shapes, sizes and heights tried desperately to rock this look and most failed miserably.


Visible Thongs

Visible Thongs Photo Credit: denimobsession

In which alternate universe did it become appealing to see a woman’s thongs peeping over their low-rise jeans? Thanks to Brittney Spears, suddenly teenage girls everywhere joined the club. Fortunately they all realized how incredibly crude and tacky it actually looked and let it die a natural death.


Juicy Sweat-Suits

Juicy Sweat-Suits Photo Credit:ferhatsglm

These tacky sweat suit pants hit the scene a few years ago and literally everyone was rushing to get one in different colors. It was just a tracksuit after all but what set it apart was the lettering ‘Juicy’ across the posterior. A definite entry into the worst fashion disasters of the recent past, the Juicy sweat suits made women everywhere dish out $200 to look tacky.



Crocs Photo Credit: lotsofsmiles

Crocs, those chunky rubber skippers that became all the rage, have to find a place on the list of worst fashion disasters of the decade. Available in all sorts of bright colors, they validated all the European opinions about American fashion and showed clearly that the American public likes to look idiotic.


Hobo Chic

Photo Credit: lookbook.nu
Mary Kate Olsen was probably too lazy to comb her hair or wear anything presentable to class so she sauntered out in rags and some designer boots and suddenly a new disastrous fashion trend was born – the hobo chic. All it did was make a bunch of youngsters look like homeless youth.



Poncho Photo Credit: MiaDeRoca

Apart from Clint Eastwood in a western movie, no one should wear a poncho. There is nothing flattering about it. It is a silly garment that can’t find a place in any environment – not to work, not to a club, no to the store – nowhere. The Poncho just does not work; it is definitely one of the worst fashion disasters of the decade.


Leggings as Pants

Leggings as Pants Photo Credit: tightaficionado

Leggings are nice if work under a skirt or dress. Then suddenly someone somewhere decided they could replace pants and the trend just picked up. Didn’t anyone realize that they were displaying everything waist down? It was as good as walking out in your underwear.

The worst fashion disasters of the decade always make a shudder run down this author’s spine while she has to admit, she has been a naive follower of a couple of them. Thank goodness we know better now. And you, ladies, were you guilty of following any of these worst fashion disasters? Which ones?

Top image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

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No body looks good with harem pants even the skinny undernourished models

The only person who makes harem pants look good is Will.i.am. from the Black Eyed Peas.

:) oh, yeah! a funny list. since I'm a mom I keep buying on discount the crocs for the children! although years long I just couldn't handle this product and I literally fallen out of love with a boyfriend after I saw him wearing size 47 (Europe) crocs at home. disgusting!!!!

Many americans who visit my country wear crocs. And then it came to mind, that this weird style was brought by american =) I loathe my friend wearing this stuff when we go for a walk.

Wow, I just never understood the concept of Crocs. They're ugly AND they let water and debris get to your feet which ruins your socks or makes your feet stink! There's the girls in my school who, I guess I could label them as the "popular" girls *shiver*, and they wear those horrendous things! I don't understand! It's like a paradox!

I love leggings :(

But visible thongs are disgusting slutty, tacky and stupid no offence to people who wear them like that

Leggins are so NOT pants and same goes for jeggins. I wear leggins with tunics and dresses, jeggins with long tops and t-shirts (really long ones, which cover butt), but never with something short, it’s just not right. I agree about visible thongs, they are so cheap-looking. As for Harem Pants, they could make look short even long legs. Nice list, dear, it was interesting to read :3

I agree with all 7! add Yoga pants too. yoga pants are for YOGA or lounging at home, pajama pants too.

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