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10 Fashion Disasters You Can Avoid Today ...

By Amber

If you have ever been to the mall on a weekend, you have undoubtedly seen some of the fashion disasters walking around there. People are funny to watch, especially when it comes to fashion. Have you ever wanted to go up to someone and say, “Honey, please let me give you a makeover!” simply because his or her outfit was so bad? Even the best fashionistas can make the occasional faux pas so here are some major fashion disasters to avoid.

1 The Matchy Matchy Mess

Don’t be too obsessive about matching your clothes and accessories. Sometimes it is better to keep things varied and mix up colors, patterns, and textures. As long as the pieces complement each other, they don’t have to be an exact match.

2 The Accessory Overkill

If you are wearing a top or jacket that is studded or jeweled in any way, please do not wear tons of jewelry with it. Too much jewelry screams “I’m a gypsy at a carnival!” and that is not a look you should go for. Let statement pieces carry themselves, and don't weigh yourself down with so many accessories.

3 The Dark Makeup

Fashion is not just the clothes. If your face is busted, then who is going to notice the clothing? Part of fashion is how well you can apply your make-up. If you wear dark eye make-up, please do not pair dark lipstick with it, unless you are wanting to look like you're attending the Addams Family Reunion.

4 The Mismatched Pattern Disaster

Although you don't want to be overly matchy matchy, you do want to make sure your clothing choices complement each other. When picking out your clothing, never mix plaids and stripes. Some patterns can be complementary, but plaids and stripes are never friends.

5 The Completely Ignored Manicure

Just as make-up is an essential part of fashion, you also have to remember other parts of your body. Part of being in style is having a completed look, from your hair to your nails. It is time to get those nails manicured or at the very least stop biting them!

6 The Public Bra Strap

Never let your bra strap show. It is just tacky. No matter what color or pattern you are wearing, it just looks trashy to have your straps showing. As an added note, make sure you always wear a bra! It never pays to go without the proper undergarments.

7 The Wrong Length

Choosing pants can be tricky, especially if you are short. Capri pants have the ability to make you look even shorter so you have to shop carefully. Make sure the length falls right between the knees and the ankles to avoid a summer fashion disaster. You should also pair Capri pants with a fitted top to give you an elongated look.

8 The Spillage Mistake

Avoid trying to look thinner by wearing tighter clothes. Inevitably, you will only end up with the dreaded spillage - a muffin top over your jeans or a spare tire hanging around your waist. You do not want to accent what you are wanting to hide.

9 The White Problem

Never wear white shoes with white bottoms of any kind - pants, skirt, shorts, etc. If your bottoms are white, do not wear white shoes or you will look like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Besides, a pop of color never hurt anybody.

10 A Stringy Issue

Girls, quit trying to show off the back of your thong. Having that string peek out at the top of your jeans screams “Trashy!” so keep it in your shorts! Remember, they're called "undergarments" for a reason: they belong under your clothes!

If you avoid these ten key fashion disasters, your look will be more polished and sophisticated instantly. What are some fashion disasters that you have seen lately? Please share, so the rest of us will know what to avoid!

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