7 Hottest Trends of Summer 2011 ...


7 Hottest Trends of Summer 2011 ...
7 Hottest Trends of Summer 2011 ...

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry and if you like to always be seen in the latest season’s style then it is vital to stay abreast of changing trends. Every year the fashion sector creates an extraordinary and indulgent range of spring/summer and fall/winter garments which set the tone for the coming months. And this year is no different, with summer 2011 showcasing some interesting trends which fashionistas need to stay abreast of.

Many fashion trends, whilst set to be big for certain seasons, actually last for the entire year as well. As fashion designers are working away on the next seasons couture, you will be able to enjoy a years worth of fantastic wardrobe without looking outdated, allowing you to stay chic and in-vogue until the next year’s classics come around. There are several fabrics to look out for, including lace, crochet and macramé clothing, in addition to a multitude of new trend styles.

Lace - Lace clothing is nothing new but has evolved over the years, and for summer 2011 you’ll find hints of lace on garments is a top buy.

Crochet & Macramé - Meanwhile, the rise of the 70’s has led to macramé and crochet finding their way back into fashion as well, and garments with these two fabrics will be a big trend this year.

Tail Hems - As a new alternative to the previous and very popular maxi dress and mini skirt are tail hems. These dresses are longer at the back than they are at the front, and are set to rock the fashion scene all year.

**Pleats **– Whilst there is nothing new with pleats, the clothing style is to really trend this summer and it set to appear on all kinds of apparel from skirts and pants to camisoles and light T’s.

70’s Style Trousers - Skinny jeans and pants have disappeared to be replaced with wide legged pants, so you can expect to see large numbers of bell bottom, flared and boot leg cut jeans on the shelves.

Jumpsuits - Playsuits and jumpsuits are abound again, though it is expected that they’ll go out of fashion as quickly as they’ve come in, so don’t rush out and buy too many.

**Capri Pants **– If you don’t want to hide away your figure with wide legged trousers the Capri pants will also be hot for Summer 2011 and offer a short legged, tight fitting pant to show off your slightness.

With so many fashions coming in year after year it can often be difficult to not only keep up with the changing trends but also be able to afford such items. Especially for the fashion conscious, by the time many of the designers are in mainstream and cheaper stores the season is already well underway, resulting in you trying to catch up rather than leading the pack. However, there are many online stores which offer you great discounts, including couponcactus.com where you’ll be able to find savings on top in-vogue fashions. This means that you’ll be able to buy your summer 2011 wardrobe for less, keeping to all the latest trends and changes whilst ensuring that you don’t break the bank whilst trying to look as in style as possible.

Guest Autor: Geoff Wakeling

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TBH, I only agree with capris. The rest, I personally don't like, lol. Too old-fashioned.

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