Fab Fashionista Giveaway Contest TJ Maxx 50 Gift Card ...


Fab Fashionista Giveaway Contest TJ Maxx 50 Gift Card ...
Fab Fashionista Giveaway Contest TJ Maxx 50 Gift Card ...

We’re thrilled to announce a new contest, where one of our writers will be crowned a Fab Fashionista, and one of our lucky readers will win a **$50 gift card **to the favorite shopping stop for ALL fashionistas, TJ Maxx! Our writers, Lyndsie, Amber, and Jen will each shop their local TJ MaxxandMarshall’sstores, looking for a hot deal on even hotter fashions and you, the reader, will decide which one of these ladies has the best look for the best price. When the votes are in we will randomly pick one lucky reader to win their own mini-shopping spree at TJ Maxx, via a $50 gift card!
Let the Fashion Games Begin...
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Let’s check in with our writers/contestants and see how they’re preparing to score the best deal! Remember, TJ Maxxisn’t a discount or a close-out store — they just have the best deals on all of the latest fashions, year-round! So Lyndsie, Amber, and Jen have their work cut out for them — shopping is a lot of work, even at a marvelous store like TJ Maxx!

My local Marshallsis where I go when I know exactly what I want. Whether I need boots, the perfect bag, or a pair of khakis (brief stint working with pregnant ladies, let's not even talk about it), I know I'll be able to find it there, even if it's not anywhere else. It's even more fun when I can go and just browse, because the merchandise is so versatile and always stylish. Being a fuller figured girl can make it hard to find clothes – or, rather, it makes it hard to find clothes that look great and make you feel comfortable. The good news is, I've never had that problem with Marshalls. I know that anything I buy there is going to look great, which is a huge confidence booster. Our Marshallsliaison advises you to know the layout of your local store, because that way you can go straight to what you like best. I know exactly where I'm going to beeline, but another great piece of advice to follow is to peruse the front racks – you never know what kind of bargains you might unearth!

My goal for this contest is to find a fantastic beach outfit. I'm thinking a slimming summer dress or maybe some casual clam diggers with a belted shirt. No matter what, I'm leaving plenty of room in the budget for shoes –because honey, it's all about the accessories!

Jennifer, Amber, you got me, ladies? Watch out for the powers of my accessories!
I've been a loyal TJ Maxxshopper since my teens, so I feel like I know most of the tricks for getting the best deal on the hottest fashions, but this contest has me a little nervous. How will my fashion sense and bargain-hunting prowess stack up against Amber and Lyndsie, two very fab fashionistas in their own right? According to Brooke, our TJ Maxxliaison, finding the best deals can be easier than I think. First, Brooke suggests checking the racks just inside the door (and I've always had very good luck there). Next, Brooke says if I'm looking for a great deal but I'm also a label snob (which I am), to keep an eye out for the purple tags, because these price tags indicate a steal on a name-brand item. It's also been my experience that, in the shoe, section, the end caps have the hottest new styles, so I'll check there, first, too.

My game plan? To snag a hot deal on a white-hot peasant top and long skirt, or a color-block maxi dress and wedges, and maybe even a gorgeous new bag, too, if I can find one.

Are you reading this, Amber and Lyndsie? The chase is on! May the best fashionista win!
I ‘ve been combing the racks of TJ Maxxsince I was a teen with post-traumatic-80's disorder. I can still imagine the racks full of awesome new 90's clothes like I saw the kids wearing on "The Real World" and I could afford them on a baby-sitting budget! Now as a stay at home mom in my late 20's, I'm still counting on TJ Maxxto meet my needs (and help me beat out Jen and Lyndsie!). Alright, here's my game plan. First, I want to get the most bang for my buck. I have lost 85 pounds in the past year and now my wardrobe is much too big. I need an outfit that will work for multiple occasions with a few quick adjustments. I'm thinking of a great dress with accessories to turn it from day to night in an instant. I'm also hoping to snag a great pair of shoes while I'm there because let's face it, shoes can make or break an outfit!

My strategy is to hit clearance sections first. Then I'll work my way out to the outer racks and try to pair pieces from each area. So to recap: one outfit with accessories to make it wearable multiple ways. Do
you think I can pull it off? Let the shopping begin!

**So come back to check in with our shoppers so you can vote on their outfits and who got the best deal! Good luck to our fab fashionistas! **

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Sounds fun, who doesn't love TJMaxx!! Can't wait to see what the ladies choose for their best look!

Can't wait to see the outfits!

Pssst. Amber, Jennifer -- I'm taking y'all down!

Sounds Awesome! I can't wait to see the outfits! I really can't choose who I think should win, but I honestly hope that there will be a three-way-tie between all of them. Then they'll all win!!!!! :)

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