8 Fashion Trends I Predict for the Next Decade ...


8 Fashion Trends I Predict for the Next Decade ...
8 Fashion Trends I Predict for the Next Decade ...

Fashion is an important indicator of where the world is heading. We have already witnessed the great leaps fashion has taken in the previous decade. Let’s look at where I think fashion is heading in the upcoming decade. Here is a list of fashion trends I predict for the next decade.

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More Unisex Clothes

As more and more women enter the workforce and compete with men at almost all levels, I think that there will be a surge of unisex clothes to reflect this trend. These clothes will no doubt be stylish, but they will also be extremely comfortable and easy to work in.


Ethnic and Traditional

One of the fashion trend I predict for the next decade is a huge influx of ethnic and traditional designs, patterns and materials. There is a huge movement towards traditionalism in the world today and I believe that fashion trends will reflect that.


More Asian Influences

Just as we see Asian economies get stronger and stronger, our interest in the Asian culture and way of life grows bigger. This interest could well lead to a huge Asian influence on our fashion.


Return of Vintage Clothing

This is one of the important fashion trend I predict for the next decade. I believe that the graceful dresses worn by the kinds of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn are going to make a comeback in the next decade as we romanticize the good old times.


Eco-friendly Clothing

This is another very important fashion trend I predict for the next decade. Given the environmental awareness we have today and the great need to be environmentally friendly in everything we do, I believe the time is ripe for eco-friendly clothing.


More Flamboyant Clothing

As more and more attention is being paid to the world of fashion, more and more designers from around the world are getting a fair share of the limelight. This only makes the competition fierce and designers will seek to create a highly distinct style with more flamboyant clothing.


Extreme Seasonal Clothing

Our choice of clothing is reflective of the seasons. With seasons getting more and more extreme every year, our clothing is likely to follow the trend. We will need warmer clothes during the winter and lighter clothes during the summer.


Focus on Accessories

I do believe that there will be a strong focus on accessories in the coming decade. Whether it is shoes, belts, bags or jewelry, I am sure we will see many new and unique styles and designs in the upcoming decade. I would go so far as to say that in the department of accessories, we should be prepared to be shocked.

These are some of the fashion trends I predict for the next decade. I know it is difficult to make such predictions and even tougher for them to be accurate, but I have based these on global trends that we are likely to see in the next decade.

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I am all about the accessories right now, so I hope it continues!

Vintage clothes are definitely making a comeback :)

The return of vintage clothes hopefully

I think you're absolutely right about these trends! Could you please include some pictures though?

Asian influence.....love the idea.

I don't like the styles on page 1, but the rest look great.

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