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No matter how much we love the Internet, websites and blogs for women, there is still nothing that can compare to the old good off-line magazines.

The magazines you can crawl to bed with on a Saturday morning, not being afraid to spill your black coffee on or get your muffin crumbs on its shiny cover. The magazines you can take to the beach or just have it in your handbag so that you have something to do waiting for your friend in a coffee shop…

So, here they are, the top 10 women’s magazines that every fabulous woman would truly enjoy wherever she is:

1. “VOGUE”

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Covers fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel, entertainment and other areas of interest of today’s women.

“Vogue’s photography is exquisite, pure art. The glossy pages, the vibrant, sometimes muted colors, seem to jump off the page. The images make my mind wander and explore… ” - by Star Tulip from Seattle, WA

“If you want to know ANYTHING about upcoming style and fashion, VOGUE is a must have staple!”

- by K. M. Winick-Ford
VOGUE is undoubtedly the leading modern magazine on women’s style. The articles are excellent, photography is a sophisticated feast of a great taste, all of its 700 pages are blossoming with fabulous images of the finest clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and everything else a women can dream of. You will find yourself attending the hottest society parties, visiting studios of the best fashion designers, travelling to the most exotic resorts… Great read for every woman!

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