Top 10 Women's Magazines ...

By Amanda

Top 10 Women's Magazines ...

No matter how much we love the Internet, websites and blogs for women, there is still nothing that can compare to the old good off-line magazines.

The magazines you can crawl to bed with on a Saturday morning, not being afraid to spill your black coffee on or get your muffin crumbs on its shiny cover. The magazines you can take to the beach or just have it in your handbag so that you have something to do waiting for your friend in a coffee shop…

So, here they are, the top 10 women’s magazines that every fabulous woman would truly enjoy wherever she is:

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Teen Vogue,magazine,hair coloring,muscle,TAKIN, Covers fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel, entertainment and other areas of interest of today’s women.

“Vogue’s photography is exquisite, pure art. The glossy pages, the vibrant, sometimes muted colors, seem to jump off the page. The images make my mind wander and explore… ” - by Star Tulip from Seattle, WA

“If you want to know ANYTHING about upcoming style and fashion, VOGUE is a must have staple!”

- by K. M. Winick-Ford
VOGUE is undoubtedly the leading modern magazine on women’s style. The articles are excellent, photography is a sophisticated feast of a great taste, all of its 700 pages are blossoming with fabulous images of the finest clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and everything else a women can dream of. You will find yourself attending the hottest society parties, visiting studios of the best fashion designers, travelling to the most exotic resorts… Great read for every woman!

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magazine,advertising,art,poster,pattern, O, The Oprah Magazine gives confident, smart women the tools they need to explore and reach for their dreams, to express their individual style and to make choices that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

With one of the most trusted women in America serving as the magazine’s inspiration, O serves as a catalyst for transforming women’s lives.

“Inspiring reading. Certainly whenever we are feeling down, it is motivating to know that others in much worse circumstances did great things with their lives. How many women have Oprah’s business acumen and are intelligent enough to stay out for so long? And, No super-model on the planet, or even the most successful actress or singer, can look as good as Oprah on the cover.”

- by Bazhe, Author of Damages, NYC
Oprah’s vibrant personality has become a role model for many women and her O’s magazine is a great success! Full of enthusiastic energy, this excellent publication is a galore of inspirational stories, latest fashions, cooking tips, fab news, and much-much more for every woman’s taste!

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clothing,barbie,doll,toy,fashion, **This magazine is for women interested in fashion and beauty, as well as the professional fashion designers and retailers. **

Harper’s BAZAAR, the fashion authority, brings you the latest new looks from the hottest designers. You’ll get 12 beautiful issues a year full of best dressed secrets, must-haves and great finds.

“In a market crowded with magazines which look increasingly the same and seem to recycle the identical set of celebrity photos over and over again (snooze), Bazaar has cast an eye on the illustrious typography and design sense of its own past years. The results are evident on every glossy page, with very little of the guilty aftertaste here that you’ll surely feel after flipping through the advertising book that is any issue of its bloated, mainstream market competitors.”

- by Laurie A.E., MA, USA
BAZAAR is rightfully called the most exquisite of popular fashion magazines. The featured fashions are more cutting edge and less mainstream than what is found in Vogue or Cosmopolitan. If you want to know everything about glamorous clothes and accessories, the hottest celebrities, the top-ranking models, and the latest art of the best designers - this magazine is definitely for you!

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poster,magazine,film,action film,album cover, BUST is a groundbreaking women’s lifestyle magazine that connects with bright, cutting-edge young women.

Fierce, funny, and proud to be female, its revolutionary editorial mix addresses a variety of women’s interests, including pop culture, crafting, fashion, sex, news and celebrity interviews.

“I have been reading BUST magazine for close to five years now. I have to say that all of the wonderful things that I love about being a woman are talked about in this magazine. And it isn’t just for women, with music and book reviews, the magazine is for almost anyone who has a pulse. The main reason it is for women is that it says everything that our mothers wouldn’t say but taught us that we should feel allowed to say.”

- by Carey from Lansing, MI, USA
This wonderful magazine stays apart from other women’s publications on fashion and entertainment. BUST is very “women positive” - one of my own favourite magazines. You never know what to expect from its sharp and witty articles! In BUST, you can look at the latest trends and fashions, meet new designers, and read hot artsy news without being bombarded by endless commercial ads and articles like “HOW TO MAKE HIM GROAN”.

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clothing,magazine,muscle,blond,briefs, This magazine is devoted to mind and body fitness for women.

Articles on exercise, sports and adventure, fashion and beauty, mind/body health, diet and nutrition and consumer information. SHAPE magazine is edited to deliver useful techniques and an understanding of fitness. Top experts from diverse fields of exercise, nutrition, psychology and beauty join forces with nationally known journalists to make each issue a how-to manual for a healthful lifestyle.

“There’s always information about eating healthy, and many of the recipes are wonderful. Another feature is the Diary portion, where the magazine profiles individuals who have turned to fitness and healthy eating in order to lose weight. It’s the most inspiring part of the magazine, and it’s great that the magazine focuses on real women, not just how to tell those in perfect shape to stay in shape.”

- by Elizabeth S., High Point, NC, USA
SHAPE is well worth every penny you’ll spend on it! This magazine is a true inspiration for every woman who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape in any age. You will find there detailed information on alternative workouts, slimming diets, latest fitness fashions, recreational outlets for outgoing women… A must-read, ladies!

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One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer


WOMAN'S DAY **This magazine is written and edited for the contemporary woman in that it covers the various issues that are important to women today. **

Its feature articles are devoted to information on food and nutrition, health and fitness, beauty and fashion as well as the traditional values of home, family and children. The changing needs of women are also addressed with articles which focus on careers, money management, law and relationships.

"A real favourite in this magazine is the page of quotes. It is sure to bring a smile or teach you something about life. They also always have cleaning tips, health topics, diet and exercise solutions, true stories, beauty hints, inspirational articles, soul nourishing tips, recipes, recipes and more recipes, family/children, flowers, end of the magazine article to make you think about life, and gardening hints."

- by Rebecca Johnson, Washington State
WOMAN'S DAY is a great resource for women. It covers a variety of topics, from health and beauty to relationship and children, and you for sure will find something fabulous to read, no matter what your interests are. Light and exciting, a wonderful "pillow read"!

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TEEN VOGUE Teen Vogue is a magazine for teen girls providing inside information on beauty, fashion, and celebrities, while encouraging them to believe in themselves.

"Man, this magazine just rocks. It's so much better than most other teen magazines out there. And if you have the impression that it's going to be at all like Cosmopolitan, it isn't. It has the normal things that all teen magazines have - beauty, fashion, and celebrity articles. They also have articles on boys like most teen magazines, however, most are actually helpful and informative."

- by Rebecca E. Ratliff, Salt Lake City, UT
It's definitely the best magazine for young ladies! It is not trashy, but a lot classier than other teens' publications. It has real girls in it who are doing real things, and it is not focused so much on how you look but that you can look great no matter what your body shape. And not too much mainstream stuff but just enough to make it readable. It's a great and helpful friend for every girl!

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BODY + SOUL **Body + Soul is new from the publishers of Martha Stewart Living - the people who taught you how to take care of your home now teach you how to take care of yourself! **

Body + Soul is your guide to living a healthier, balanced, and more joyful life. With practical, clear, inspiring ideas and ways to enrich your life, Body + Soul will help you to stay young, strong, and vibrant.

"I have been extremely pleased with this magazine. It covers many different topics, eating right, treating your body better, relaxation techniques and many other similar topics. Articles go in depth, and inspire you to learn more. This is one of the magazines you like to keep around so you can refer back to."

- Stephanie Manley, Houston, TX

This magazine would be a great read for those women who are interested in developing their spirituality, as well as taking a good care of their natural beauty. Body + Soul is all about improving our mental and physical health through various means including nutrition, massage, and meditation. It's one of the most comprehensive health-related publications for women. Always up to date with information, beautiful pictures, and great articles. Highly recommended!

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TANGO A unique magazine dedicated to the art of being together - is a new and indispensable guide to lasting love for singles and couples.

"Great magazine....very different articles from almost any other magazine out there. Talks about love and relationships. Good perspective on his/her views on different topics. Targeted to women."

- by Mark Twain, New York
TANGO is the only magazine totally devoted to the issues of LOVE. From revealing couples' most private moments to tackling romantic myths, TANGO provides insights you won't find anywhere else. It offers gripping stories, provocative views, and expert advice on all that matters in your relationship: communication, sex, money, leisure, career, home, and family.

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LUCKY **LUCKY is your ultimate shopping guide, spotlighting thousands of incredible finds in fashion, beauty, home and more. **

Each month, the LUCKY editors hit the streets to find the best new looks AND the best deal...PLUS incredible Lucky Breaks on the hottest items! If you love to shop, you'll adore Lucky!

"The magazine scours the globe to find great items from clothing and accessories to cosmetics to housewares and so forth. They even listed sites for locating old-fashioned sweets and soda (great gift for a parent or grandparent)!"

- by Susan, US
This is an excellent shopping mag! It has got all the newest trendy stuff and is a great guide for lovers of clothes, shoes, accessories, and new beauty products. LUCKY is for young and fabulous, and a must-read for every fashionoholic!

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Have you got a favorite magazine that hasn't mentioned on the list? Please write about it in the comments!
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Vogue? Really? Like ten years ago!

Thank you so much for posting this list. I have been wondering what magazine I should subscribe to and I found two on your list that I really like. Thanks again Jennifer TN

hey amanda, i am interseted in working in a fashion magazine.i dont have any prior experience but i am a comuter engineer as well as a business graduate...can ypu help me?

I experienced a true and traumatic experience at a 5 Star hotel some years ago. It is now doctored beautifully into a story which no woman should ever miss reading it. It will protect women from unexpected experiences while staying in hotel room on their own. I was meek and afraid the media may cause me embarrassment in the past but I do not feel that way anymore. I want to fight for my rights and make the hotel bear the responsibilities of what happened to me. I wish to sell my story and let the whole world know about it. Please contact me at (65) 9749-2088 Mandy from Singapore.

Hi Amanda, I am in the middle of writing an romantic adventure article based on my last month spent sailing in Australia with a lovely young Dutch woman. I have published adventure stories in the past, but am keen to diversify and include romance, intimacy, seduction and sex into my writing. Can you suggest any women's magazines that are open to men writing features for them along these lines? Theme: Sailing, Seduction & Sex. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Craig (Australia)

Hi! I am currently working in fashion and I would love the opportunity to send some of my articles-it covers almost all aspects of trends/styling! I look forward to hearing form all you wonderful people; stay fierce! Caroline (UK)

Dear Amanda, My name is Phil and how i love to submit articles that will enrich women's lives. I have rich articles on self esteem, relationships, fashion, sex, bablancing work and family, and much more. How do i get my articles across and get a YES response. I have submitted to a few, and though they agreed that my article is good, but it alsmost ends there. Please advise. Phil

Hi. I am liveing in Ireland. I want to start selling cashmere knitwear (which I make myself) on Etsy. As I want to reach the American market I need to advertise. Could you advise me which magazines I should use. Is it possible for me to receive any of your recommened magazines in the post. I can buy Vogue & Glamour here. My knitwear would be for the more mature lady. Thank you very much for reading this. Marian