10 Best Dieting Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Dieting Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Dieting Blogs for Women ...

The owner of this blog aims to lose 30 lbs in 6 months by trying a different diet program each month. Her journey is very inspirational. If you are interested in certain diet programs, Fat Lady Singz is a great help.

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BEST DIET TIPS The lady behind this blog is brave enough to show us her dieting journey. She has lost over a hundred pounds by trying different diet plans. Her transformation is truly wonderful.


I ATE a PIE The blog title is really funny. The purpose of the blog is to review all healthy and diet foods in the market today. The blog owner is a food chemist and surely knows what she's talking about. Before buying that protein bar from the health store, you'd better read I Ate A Pie first to make sure you are working towards a healthy life.


the AMAZING ADVENTURES of DIET GIRL Shauna Reid, aka Dietgirl, is one proof that achieving ideal weight starts in our head and is not just about following a perfect diet plan. Her blog talks about the changes in lifestyle that one can do in order to lose weight. She inspires me.


the TOKEN FAT GIRL Isn't the blog title a little sad? Lorrie is a beautiful girl struggling with weight loss. Her story is truly touching and you really feel like rooting for her because she is just amazing.


RONI'S WEIGH Roni is a great mom who has made fortune and helped lots of people by tackling her weight issues. She started a web community of people who blog about losing weight. She is definitely a gem.


LYNN'S WEIGH Since starting her weight loss journey, Lynn has lost 168 pounds. Now she's healthy and fabulous. I love her stories and opinions on various weight loss trends today.


JENNY CRAIG - VALERIE I love this blog because Valerie Bertinelli is a famous celebrity. I read this because I am curious about what a famous person goes through while dieting. However, I also read it because I know her story is an inspiration to everyone.


24 STEPS to GO A fantastic blog by a lady bent on losing weight by doing exercise. She chronicles her working-out journeys and experiencies with great enthuriasm. I love her stories.


DIETS in REVIEW This is wonderful resource for health and dieting tips. They also cover the TV show "Biggest Loser," which is great if you never get a chance to catch the shw on TV.

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Thanks for interesting suggestions! It shows the day-to-day struggle of many people to manage their weight.

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Thanks Tonya for those profound words.

Has anybody used Health Sidekicks iPhone app? Want to get some feedback before I switch over. Looks cool but want to know if it's worth the switch. Thanks:)

As a women who has struggled with food/body image/weight issues and now lives a happy, healthy life as a life coach for women specializing in weight issues, I appreciate this blog. I'm always fascinated by the spirit of women who refuse to let their weight or society keep them from claiming their most amazing life. Underneath it all, our issues are very similar. We're all searching for happiness, and food is not the answer.

One more, looking for a cauliflower pizza crust that doesn't fall apart. Anyone have a recipe they can pass on?

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