10 Best Wellness Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Wellness Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Wellness Blogs for Women ...

This blog is managed by a certified dietitian at John Hopkins. This is definitely full of helpful information on staying healthy. The daily health tips on the blog are fantastic.

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FITSUGAR Fit of Fitsugar knows what she's talking about. She even demonstrates certain yoga poses on this blog. Being a yoga student myself, this blog is my all-time favorite resource on staying healthy.


Fitsugar is a great blog for women looking to stay healthy and fit. It covers a wide range of topics from yoga to nutrition, and it even provides demonstrations of yoga poses. The blog is written by a certified yoga instructor, making it a reliable source of information for those interested in wellness. Fitsugar also offers helpful tips on how to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals. Additionally, the blog includes recipes and meal plans to help you make healthy eating choices. With its comprehensive coverage of health and fitness topics, Fitsugar is an ideal resource for women looking to improve their overall wellness.



NUTRITION and HEALTHY EATING This blog is written by registered nutritionists. Their posts are very informative. I love how they focus on certain diseases and critical issues on health and medicine.


This blog provides readers with a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating. It offers posts written by registered nutritionists, focusing on specific diseases, critical health issues, and the latest scientific research. It also provides tips on how to eat healthily, such as incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, and how to make healthier food choices. Furthermore, it provides advice on how to manage your weight and how to make lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. The blog also provides delicious recipes for healthy meals and snacks.


CRANKY FITNESS Who ever said that staying healthy is easy? Haven't we ever whined about how difficult it is to make the right choices, health-wise, when there are just too many temptations? Cranky Fitness (by Crabby McSlacker and Merry Sunshine) approaches wellness with humor and I think that it's refreshing.



WOMEN'S DIET and FITNESS Angie Schumacher, the owner of this blog, is a certified personal trainer. If you can't hire her services because you don't live in her area or are short on cash, you don't have to worry. Just read her great blog.


Angie Schumacher dedicates herself to empowering women through tailored fitness programs and insightful nutritional advice. Her blog serves as an online personal training resource, bustling with workout routines, healthy eating tips, and motivational insights to guide readers on their wellness journey. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner looking for guidance, Angie's expertise makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle accessible for everyone, transcending geographical and financial barriers. Dive into a goldmine of practical fitness guidance and discover the transformative power of nutrition and exercise.


the F-WORD The "F" here stands for Food, Fat, and Feminism. The blogger, Rachel, is a winning journalist. She claims that her site is "neither pro-fat nor pro-thin, but rather pro-healthy." I think it's amazing.


HEALTHY RECIPE DOCTOR Confused about how to lead a healthy lifestyle when you don't know the first thing about cooking healthy food? Thank goodness for Healthy Recipe Doctor. In the kitchen, I am as helpless as a kitten under a pouring rain, but this blog is a great help.


GLAMOUR - VITAMIN G The best thing about the Glamour blogs is the fact that they insert celebrity tidbits here and there. Their Health and Fitness blog (aptly named Vitamin G), for instance, gives a glimpse into the healthy habits of your favorite actors and actresses.


a WEIGHT LIFTED Are you tired of dieting? Well stop and just work on being healthy! This blog will help you do just that.


PROVOCATIVE NUTRITION Dina Khader of Provocative Nutrition is a nutrition counselor. She talks about important medical news that, I think, everyone should be aware of. I learn a lot from her blog.

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Dear Crabby McSlacker, Cranky Fitness is an amazing resource for those of us who are trying to lose some weight and be in general healthy (and who isn't these days? ;) And it was our pleasure to add you to this list. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the compliment :)

You're welcome, Angie!

Thanks so much for mentioning Cranky Fitness! We're pleased to be included in such a distinguished list. And cool site you have here!

Cranky Fitness is the best!

Wow..thanks for listing Women's Diet and Fitness! What an honor!

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