10 Best Lifestyle Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Lifestyle Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Lifestyle Blogs for Women ...

Amy Harden is a an expert on living life the way it should be lived. If you are feeling particularly low or indifferent about where you life is headed, Cyber Hot Flash will help you. It might be geared towards older women but I think the issues she tackles are universal.

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SAVVYSUGAR Do you know how to handle money? I admit that I don't. Savvysugar has helped me countless of times on dealing with debt, savings, and investment.


SOULE MAMA If there is someone I try to emulate, it's Amanda Soule. She is a mother, wife, and crafter extraordinaire. She is truly an expert on having a creative and loving family.


CORPORETTE So you're a woman and you're at the top of the corporate ladder. Do you have a life other than your work? If your answer is NO, Corporette can help you.


in the NEW New experiences make us wiser and better human beings. Jen vowed to do something new every day starting on her 29th year. She has inspired me to get off my butt and LIVE.



GEEKSUGAR Guys are not the only ones who are allowed to drool over gadgets, right? This blog is an amazing resouce for all the latest cool gadgets out there.


LIFE HACKER Lifehacker is full of great information on saving money, DIY, software hacks, and fun educational stuff. Their great tips are seriously helpful.


LIL SUGAR Here is where mothers and mothers-to-be can read stories and helpful information on how they can deal with children and pregnancy better. The tips on parties and dealing with childhood mishaps are great.


DAILY DANNY These days, everyone should work on living green. Danny Seo is an amazing lifestyle guide on living a life that is environmentally-conscious and kind. He really has great ideas.


CASASUGAR If you're like me, you are probably obsessed about finding and living in a great apartment. I love Casasugar because it is full of amazing design ideas. The glimpses into celebrity houses and million-dollar houses I could never afford are great, too.

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This blog sounds great! I am excited to start reading this and other inspirational lifestyle blogs. To me, focusing on improving our daily lives is both rewarding and necessary. So often, we try to plan for a better future instead of living a better present. Being engaged in the now and getting the most out of every day is the key to a life well-lived. Thank you for putting together these lists!

Hi! This is Jen from In the New. I am so flattered to be on this list, thanks! I noticed that lately I have had more links than usual from this site- has it been featured somewhere? I ask because I'd like to add it to some promotional materials. Thanks! Ladies rock! -Jen

Nice list. Found some blogs there I didn't know about, but.... too many 'sugar' blogs on the list. They're all one company so it seems a shame for them to have 4 of the 10 spots. There's plenty of other great blogs out there that could take their place, IMO.

I love the list. Except if you find one Sugar site, you find them all Good call on Corporette however!!!!

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I just discovered this blog recently. It's awesome. Nice to see its' on the list.

Yeah, they have great celebrity and lifestyle information, just like AllWomenStalk. :)

I see you mentioned the Sugar site a few times...Ive been on there for PopSugar and BuzzSugar...they have a lot of different ideas on there that you can find all in one spot...kinda like AllWomenStalk...I always found great celeb sources on there when writing my celebrity posts.

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