7 Great Beauty Blogs ...


7 Great Beauty Blogs ...
7 Great Beauty Blogs ...

the Makeup Divas

The lady behind The Makeup Divas is Melissa. Like other beauty bloggers, Melissa has always loved all things makeup. Aside from wonderful product reviews, The Makeup Divas has great posts on how to achieve certain looks, and fun giveaways. This blog will surely give you your daily fix of all things related to looking and feeling good.

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so Loverly What do you get when you put together two best friends who love makeup and the Internet? A blog as lovely as So Loverly, that's what. Isn't the blog name adorable? I bet you'll also love the way these gal pals write. They are funny; their posts always engage the readers. Wonderful parts of their blog are the product reviews and the highlights on cheap (but great) beauty products. And of course, the fun DIYs.


a Beautyful Sentiment I love experimenting with eye makeup. Unfortunately, many beauty bloggers I know have eyes that are in no way similar to mine. I am talking about the shape + lids. Thankfully, there is A Beautyful Sentiment to aid me in myeye makeup adventures. Aside from FOTDs, Jen also gives us product reviews and beauty DIYs. She has crafty DIYs as well, so I approve.


Beauty Blogging Junkie Beauty Blogging Junkie is Amber. A beautiful lady who blogs about beauty. Fun, right? But the fun part does not end there. Amber's posts are equally funnyand informative. You know how some beauty blogs read like product copies? Well, Beauty Blogging Junkie isn't one of those. She also has delightful interviews with industry people about makeup. I definitely love reading those.


Beauty is within Beauty is Within is another beautiful blog that not only gives us valuable makeup posts but also incorporates fashionand pop culture goodies. Of course, if you are the kind who needs to read more than 5 product reviews to know if it's worth every penny, Beauty is Within will help you as well. She has great giveaways, too!


Beautynomics "Juliet" is another blogger whose looks are definitely helpful in my makeup quests. This is because we have similarly-shaped eyes. Oh yeah, doesn't she have great skin? You will love Beautynomics because "Juliet" is smart and funny. Plus I get information on products available in our part of the world, so yay.


Spoiled Pretty First of all, how awesome is that blog banner? From the banner to the fantastic posts, this blog is set to hook you. Wonderful sections of her blog areMakeup Mondays with Mario, celebrity styling tips, and the reviews, of course.
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I like your post. Learn hair removal tips today and achieve a beautiful, clear and great looking skin.

The author's name is Sophie, actually. Not Juliet :)

Wow what an honor to be included as one of the 7 Great Beauty Blogs! Thank you so much! You have really made my day!! :) You have a great site! :)

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