10 Best Beauty Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Beauty Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Beauty Blogs for Women ...

Jack is a jetsetter obsessed with make-up. Hill is a beauty writer for the LA Times Magazine. Together, they have come up with a beauty blog that focuses on great products, trusted brands, amazing make-up artists and everything in between.

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MAKEUP and BEAUTY BLOG A blog about beauty by a self-confessed beauty addict. Her blog is divided into different beauty categories and she has helpful tips for those who are in the dark about cosmetics. With its serious following, this blog is definitely a spot of sunshine in the Internet.


SEPHORA I love this blog's features on makeup experts because it's fun to know the life behind our favorite products. The posts on new products in the market are also fabulous. If you want to know the latest makeup must-haves for the season, this blog is for you.


15 MINUTE BEAUTY This blog is for those who rarely have enough time to get ready every morning by someone who rarely have enough time to get ready in the morning. Her blog is divided into very helpful categories. Her product reviews are comprehensive and genuine, too.



a GIRL'S GOTTA SPA Yes, a girl's got to. This blog is mostly about taking care of your appearance through relaxation. I love this blog because it takes an almost-different approach on being beautiful.



BEAUTYBUFFET Isn't the name of this blog just decadent? The clear pictures on the products they feature are great. The posts on affordable and green cosmetics are also wonderful.


BELLASUGAR Bellasugar is fantastic site if you want to know the makeup trends for the season. And if you want to capture the look of a certain celebrity, Bella is your gal. The product reviews and an interative community help make this blog truly flawless.


BEAUTY GUROO Wouldn't you want to get beauty advice from someone who actually knows what she's talking about? Roopika, the owner of this blog, has covered all things about beauty for such publications as Allure, Elle, Real Simple, InStyle, Martha Stewart, and Vanity Fair. She really is a guru and it would do you good to listen.


PRODUCT WHORES Not THAT is a funny blog name and I guess most women are guilty of that. We can't just get enough of beauty products, can't we? I love this blog's honest reviews and different brands for categories.


a MOM in RED HEELS As the name suggests, this blog is for mothers who want to remain fabulous (despite the shopping lists, babysitter nightmares, PTA meetings, and unpredicatble kiddie tantrums). Tammy covers product reviews, beauty tips, sales, and many other things all moms should know of.

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Hello there! wow you've got cool collection of beauty blogs! they're really nice & full o' lotsa goodies & info. Thanks for sharing & God bless ya!

I am the relations advocate for Luminess air cosmetics, I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review over our products we have an airbrush tanning system and an airbrush cosmetic system. Do you know how many hits a month you get on your website? or do you have any followers? Thank you Kris

This was the best surprise today! Thank you for including me!!!

Im loving the new bb creams.. Im currently using the smashbox one and im very pleased I was just wondering if you knew of a lighter less oily one?

I would recommend Argan Oil and Argan body butter. Best moisturizers ever.

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