Top 10 High-Tech Beauty Tools for Your Beautyre ...


Top 10 High-Tech Beauty Tools for Your Beautyre ...
Top 10 High-Tech Beauty Tools for Your Beautyre ...

These days, it's not only mobile phones, laptops, PDA's and all the other electronic gizmos which can go high-tech. The cosmetic industry does it, too.

In the quest for eternal beauty, new product have emerged which applied the high-tech factor into making us perfectly groomed, beautiful and fabulous!

From skin care to bath and body items to hair grooming products, we've listed down the t**op 10 must-have high-tech beauty tools **which will turn us from drab to fab in an instant. Check it out:

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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush & Cleanser, $195.00 First up, we have this Clarisonic skin care brush and cleanser kit which comes with a 2 oz. cleanser. The device is actually a sonic-based brush which unclogs pores – and is said to be twice as effective as manual cleaning.

The product's gentle enough to be used twice a day – and the best news for me is that it helps increase the absorption of moisturizers by as much as 60%!!

Online users describe this high-tech beauty product as an electric toothbrush for the face. Check the product out and experience the results for yourself.


Leaf & Rusher Derma Roller Kit $122.00 At first, I wasn't really sure what the **Leaf & Rush derma roller kit **is supposed to do – but it's actually a device which you can use at night to cleanse and tone the skin. It incorporates the technology used in Balinese massage – and the end benefit is that the deep pressure and massage strokes will relieve stress, tension and enhance the circulation in the affected area.


Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe Spa-at-Home Grooming System $59.99 Do you remember one of those days when you're too busy to go to the spa and you just can't seem to fit a bikini waxinto your schedule?

Well, that's not a problem anymore if you have the Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe Spa-at-home Grooming system.

Bliss is actually the name of the famed celebrity spa – and they collaborated with electronic giant Philips to come up with this product. All that unwanted hair on your bikini line will banish in an instant with this kit.


NuFace Facial Toning System, White $379.00 Cleanse, tone and moisturize is a beauty regimen that no woman should forget. With this facial toning system from **NuFace **– you won't have to. The toner works in such a way that micro current impulses are used to get rid of those fine lines and icky wrinkles on your face. It also helps restore facial muscle tone for a more youthful look.


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $19.00 Your morning beauty ritual before you leave perfectly made up for the office will be even easier with this Shu Emura eyelash curler. It has an upgraded silicone pad which is mushroom-shaped so that your lashes will be prettily, perfectly curled!


Tanda Regenerate anti-Aging Starter Kit, $385.00 This may look like too much for a beauty product – but it's a must if you want to fight the effects of aging. The Tanda Regenerate Anti-Aging starter kit uses light therapy to treat those unwanted problems and improve the tone, color, texture and overall look of your skin.


Tweezerman Petite Manicure Set, $20.00 Again, if you're too busy to go the spa for a manicure or pedicure, you can do this beauty ritual by yourself right at the comfort of your own home. The Tweezerman Petite Manicure Set includes a miniature nail file, cuticle and hangnail trimmer, as well as a pushy and nail cleaner.


GHD IV Styler Pure $349.00 Whether you're in the mood for curly or sleekly-straight hair, this is just the product for you. The tag line of GHD **is "A new religion for hair" – and they are! The **IV Styler Pure uses infrared heat and produces negative ion to reduce static, create shine and perfectly style your crowning glory!


Jonathan Beauty Shower Purification System, $95.00 This product will benefit both your skin and your hair. The Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System was made by famed celeb stylist Jonathan. What the purified water does is to enhance the skin's pH balance, soften your hair and skin, preserve your hair color and increase the shine and manageability of your hair.


Tweezerman Pink Tweezermate 10x Magnification Travel Mirror, $15.00 Finally, we have this handy Pink Tweezerman travel mirror which is specifically made for tweezing the eyebrows. There's a suction cup so you can attach it to a smooth surface – and your eyebrows will come out perfectly, evenly groomed every time!

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While all of these products are sure to provide results, the Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System is a real bargain for all that it provides. I have not used this exact water purifier, but I do know that the benefits go beyond "skin deep". When the water is purified, it removes chemical and mineral deposits such as chlorine and calcium which means you are not breathing in chlorine and your skin and hair are not being coated in a film of build-up. So, if I won the 50$ coupon, I think I would purchase this item.

These are all great products but isnt the Tanda a bit expensive?

has anyone used the nuface micro current facelift machine??? i've been doing alot of reading online but not getting anywhere. nuface? nuskin? facemaster? oxylift? tua viso? if anyone has any info, please let me know. thanks.

Thanks for listing these...some very awesome products!! Off to Sephora now for the FAB eyelash curler:)

I just got a Shu Uemura eyelash curler and I am loving it! It really "opens" the eyes!

Hey everyone, I was just wondering, what makeup brand do you think is the best for a begginner? I have already choosen a brand for brushes, but when it comes to the actual makeup, I have no clue! Thanks! Any help would be appreciated!

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