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Mineral Foundation Miracle or Mindnumbing ...

By Guest

**By Amanda Flechtner **

There is a dust storm billowing out of almost every beauty store and bathroom these days due to the ever** growing popularity of mineral foundations**. I don't seem able to pick up a shiny, well marketed, feature enhancer without seeing "mineral" smiling up at me from the box. So what gives? Why all the mineral madness?

In it's true form mineral foundations can be a great option for many who have never really found a soul mate in liquid foundation or powder. Many mineral foundations are just minerals and nothing else, which can really help those who have reactive and sensitive skin types and those who just don't like traditional types of makeup. The problem is that with all of the various incarnations of mineral makeup, not all are created equal. You really need to know your ingredients well to** filter the good, from the garbage**. There are plenty of formulations out there that have just as many harmful ingredients as there are minerals. Much like other popular buzzwords like "natural" or "organic", there is little or no enforced regulation for a product to be marketed as "mineral".

So, before the next time you breathe a little easier thinking you are putting a** "natural" product on your skin,** just flip it over and read the ingredients. It may not be as natural as you think.

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