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Best Beauty Pick of the Day Nars Blush Super Orgasm ...

By Mabelle

Our best beauty product **pick of the day is the **Nars Blush Super Orgasm (Sephora, $25).

First, you can't help but blush at the name of the color – Super Orgasm! It's actually a peachy pink hue with gold glitter – which will give you that naturally flushed look with an added shimmer for some extra depth and glamour.

I have seen this blush on fair skinned people, dark skinned people like myself, and many different hair colors and it looks amazing on everyone.
- Sarah, 24 yr old student
This powder blush from Nars works great on almost any skin tone. It will give you that flushed look when you're basking in the afterglows of – uhmm, tangling the sheets with your significant other, hence the name.

Anyway, there's a mixed review from online users who actually tried the product. We here at AllWomenStalk cannot get by without actually trying the product – and I personally think that the Nars Blush Super Orgasm is fab!

... well rested, received a good bill of health, paid off your student loans and flirted with a cute boy. It is all about the flush.
- Annieytown from Ytown , Ohio, US

I do love anything glittery so I find that the peachy pink shade of the blush with the gold specks work well on my skin. In addition, this sheer-pressed powder blush is super-long-lasting. You can apply it even without a primer – that becoming blush will stay with you the whole day.

I have come across some reviews mention the flecks of gold glitter appear less noticeable once applied on the cheeks.
- Beauty Anonymous Experts
My only complaint about the product is the rubber case – which seems to attract every unknown dust particle in my purse! Other than that, Nars Blush Super Orgasm works great for me. Try it out for yourself and tell us what you think about the product!

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