7 Long-Lasting Make-up Products ...


7 Long-Lasting Make-up Products ...
7 Long-Lasting Make-up Products ...

One of my pet peeves is make up that does not last! After 2 hours you look like a 6-year-old was playing with your face. These 7 long-lasting make up products will last through the toughest days... have a look!

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Lipstick - Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain

Lipstick - Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain Price: $7.99 at drugstore.com
What I like most about this lipstick is that it keeps its shine! After a couple hours it doesn’t look dull, and you can drink and kiss all day long. It will last and the color stays vibrant.


Foundation – Revlon Colorstay Mineral with Softflex

Foundation – Revlon Colorstay Mineral with Softflex Price: $12.99 at drugstore.com
Mineral make-up is totally in, and this foundation is the best. Your skin does not feel tight, and it covers evenly, leaving your skin feeling smooth.


Concealer – Make up Forever 5 Camouflage Palette

Concealer – Make up Forever 5 Camouflage Palette Price: $36.00 at sephora.com
If you have blemishes (like me), this is an excellent palette for you! The different color corresponds to your skin tone and it's light and can be applied before or after your foundation. It will last throughout the day, and blemishes will not show through!


Blush - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Blush - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Price: $8.79 at drugstore.com
Once you try this blush, you will not go back to the powder blushes. This creamy matte mousse allows you to make your cheeks as rosy as you like without looking embarrassed. It's easy to apply, unlike powder blushes.


Gloss – Maybelline Superstay Gloss

Gloss – Maybelline Superstay Gloss Price: $7.99 at drugstore.com
I love gloss! I am a glossy person. This is not sticky and the shine is just enough... and it will last for an 8 hour work day!


Eyeliner – NYX Felt Tip Liner

Eyeliner – NYX Felt Tip Liner Price: $6.00 at ecrater.com
This eyeliner goes on smooth and it dries instantly. Perfect for making cat eyes! You can find this online and select beauty supply stores and retail outlets.


Mascara – Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof

Mascara – Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Price: $8.50 at drugstore.com
I live by this mascara! It doesn’t clump. The only con about this is it takes a few washes for it to come off, but it makes your lashes look longer and fuller without the spider look!

Which makeup products do you use that last all day? Which one of these is your favorite? What makeup brands would you suggest women not purchase? Please let me know!

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I love Covergirl! and the Maybelline dream mousse! I use Revlon's ColorStay but i never tried THIS one.. with the SoftFlex. I will now! (: Thank you! In my experience.. the best long-lasting makeup for me would have to be Maybelline's cover stick concealer. It's great, awesome for covering anything- from dark circles to blemishes of all kinds- and it stays put throughout a full work-day! highly recommended

I LOVE the Mabelline Dream Matte Mousse! However, I have tried the CG Last Blast and was not impressed.

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