5 New Eyeshadow Palettes to Try ...

I don’t know about you ladies, but Sephora is slowly becoming the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. I spend a lot of time (and a lot of money) inside of that lovely little makeup playground and lately I’ve been addicted to their eyeshadow palettes. This addiction (and slight dent in my savings) is going to come in handy for you ladies because my inside eyes have scoped out the 5 newest and hottest eyeshadow palettes that you have GOT to try!

1. LORAC Color Me Couture Eyeshadow Palette

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Price: $37 at sephora.com
Generally I’m not a fan of LORAC but OMG did they surprise me with this one! The colors went on so smoothly it felt like my eyes had died and gone to heaven. And, this palette was perfect for the old Hollywood look I was going for. I’m in love, and you can be too!

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