7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Eye Shadow ...


7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Eye Shadow ...
7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Eye Shadow ...

With rushed schedules early in the morning, it can be easy to fall into a rut and wear your shadow the same way every day. Here’s seven of the easiest, quickest ways to mix it up with a whole new look! Here are 7 gorgeous ways to wear eye shadow...

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Use Shadow as a Liner

This is my favorite way to wear eye shadow. Apply your liner, then take a small, pointed brush, wet it, and then using the shadow of your choice, brush it right on top of the liner. It works best if you use a bright or dark color and put it only on the top and on the lower corners. The best eye shadow I’ve found for using this technique is L’Oreal HIP eye shadows. Experiment using bright shades; this is the one way you can pull off wearing lime green or fuchsia eye shadow!


Highlight Only

Use a metallic or chrome shadow and put it in the corner of your eye closest to the nose and right under your eyebrow only. It’s very versatile and classy and you can use just about any color. My favorite eye shadows for wearing it this way are Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush crème shadows that come in a tube.


Go Neutral

Apply one shadow all over your eyes from the lash line up to the brow bone in one color only. The best shades for this technique are sheer shades of white, tan, golden, or peach with a hint of sparkle. Check out Cover Girl's line of eye makeup and find a shade that suits you best.


Wear 3 Colors

You can create a lovely smoky eye by wearing 3 colors of eye shadow. You can even buy eye shadow trios formulated to work together. Apply the lightest shade all over your eye from the lash line to the brow bone, the medium shade over your eyelid only, then the darkest shade in your crease. Physicians Formula has very lovely eye shadow trios for this purpose.


Wear 2 Colors

If you crave sophistication for a daytime look try it like this: Take two shades of shadow, apply the lightest shade directly under your brow bone and in the corners of your eye closest to your nose, then put the darker one all over your lid and in the crease. I love Neutrogena’s eye shadow duos for this idea!


Mixing just two colors can create an effortless yet stunning effect that's perfect for both a casual coffee date or an important business meeting. Opt for a subtle gradient by blending the edges where the two shades meet, ensuring there are no harsh lines. Experiment with color combinations like a peachy nude with a warm brown or a soft pink with a deeper mauve to add a bit of romance. Remember, blending is your best friend when it comes to a seamless transition from light to dark, giving your eyes a natural depth that's truly captivating.


Use a Shadow Stick

This is a great tip for busy moms or women with very little makeup time. Cover Girl has a great shadow stick that has step-by-step instructions of how to apply it in as few as 60 seconds! You simply rub it over your eye then use the blender on the other end to smooth everything out for a pop of fresh color that lasts all day.


Go Natural

Ask just about any guy and he will tell you that a girl looks beautiful without makeup. So how about skipping makeup for a day and see how fresh and youthful and natural you feel! You might be surprised.

Eye shadow can be one of the easiest ways to experiment and express yourself with makeup. After all, your eyes are the windows to your soul. So frame them with pretty colors and have fun playing!

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