9 Beauty Rules to Live by ...


9 Beauty Rules to Live by ...
9 Beauty Rules to Live by ...

Some rules are made to be broken but, when it comes to beauty and skincare, I’m willing to put the rebellious act aside and do my fair share of obedience. Some beauty rules come and go, some myths get busted only to let the new ones take their place. But there is always a bunch of those proven facts we can’t say no to. And these following 9 rules are the ones I consider important:

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Sunscreen is Not Only for the Summer

If you’ve ever gotten back from skiing looking tanned, you know what I’m talking about. Although the sun’s aging properties are the strongest during summer, winter, autumn or spring are definitely not to be counted off as UV-safe. So, always check the foundation or the cream you are planning to buy and, if it doesn’t contain at least SPF 30, cross it from your list and keep looking.


Control Your Sweet Tooth

Chocolate may be good for your skin but refusing to control your urge for sweets can lead to much more than just weight problems. Eating too much sugar can cause glycation – a state in which the body doesn’t produce enough collagen. And, knowing how important collagen is for elastic, youthful-looking skin, we should all take extra care of the amount of sweets we eat every day.


Beauty Sleep is a Must

Our skin regenerates during the night so the term “beauty sleep” is not something divas have invented to justify their need to stay in bed until lunch time. Busy schedule, losing sleep and taking your work home with you will take its toll on the skin. So sleep, sleep and sleep and you will look younger and minimize your future needs for expensive crèmes and rejuvenating beauty treatments.


Big Vintage Sunglasses Are a Multifunctional Tool

They don’t just help protect eyes from sunlight and camouflage dark circles – big sunglasses can be a real lifesaver for that sensitive skin around the eyes. This skin in this area is very thin as it’s the first one to show the signs of excessive sun exposure. So don’t forget to pat in some cream and don’t forget your vintage shades either!


Don’t Be Judgmental

Don’t gossip and bash the women that have had some cosmetic treatments done. Now, I’m not saying you are bound to have botox injected at some point but hey, in 10 years from now, both you and I might feel differently about cosmetic surgery. So let’s not put ourselves in the position where somebody could call us double-faced or say “She’s putting her leg in her own mouth!”


Looking Gorgeous is a Process

I agree that even a mug-shot of Jessica Alba would probably look great but not even she wakes up looking like she’s ready to hit the red carpet! So, feel free to use make-up to cover up those tiny flaws and accent the good features of your face. Cosmetology is a quick-developing branch of medicine so today’s make-up has many rejuvenating, anti-ageing properties. However, even ultra-expensive make-up clogs pores so make sure you clean your face carefully and let your skin breathe and regenerate over night.


Wear Make-up, Don’t Let It Wear You

Knowing how to work an eye shadow brush is definitely a gift but it doesn’t give you an excuse to over-do your make-up or fail to match it with the occasion. Don’t just flip through the make-up tutorial pages, read them! And believe me on this one: If you’re doing something wrong, everybody will laugh behind your back but nobody will have the guts to tell you!


Work It, Don’t Fake It

Bleaching the freckles, changing out natural eyebrow shape, dying eyelashes and hair, fake nails, uncomfortable over-padded bras – I just can’t escape the feeling that most of us are trying to be someone else! Do everything you can to enhance and bring out the nice features Mother Nature has blessed you with – don’t obsess over the fact that you are not as tall/skinny/blonde as you’d like to be! Being naturally beautiful doesn’t mean being perfect, it means being comfortable and feeling happy in your own skin.


Cleanse Regularly but Don’t over-do It

You should use exfoliating creams 2-3 times a week but not more than that. Chemical peel should be done once every 2-3 months so forget DIY kits and leave it to the professional. Over exfoliating will destroy the skin’s protective layers and make it very sensitive and prone to allergies.

Now, these are only some of my favorite rules so feel free to correct me or add some of your own too. Which beauty rules you obey and which ones you don’t although you know you should? What is your opinion on aging gracefully and wrinkles? Should we embrace them or try to prevent them?

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Water! OMG I forgot that rule, probably because I'm breaking it all the time:( If there is a glass of water in front of me I will feel thirsty, if not, I won't. Spring and summer are the only times when I actually feel the need to drink the recommended dose, other half of the year it's mostly teas. P.S: I'm a big fan of Vichy skin care products, Eucerin is also good, especially for the ones with extremely sensitive skin.

drink plenty of water

m nt beautifl i knw....so nothng cn make me look gud.

I study beauty and have seen the difference between hydrated and de-hydrated skin; so I drink as much water as I can now.

i have tons and i mean TONS of freckles..Any things I can do to reduce getting them,coverin them up,etc?

I love dr hauschka! its the best for your skin. quite pricey but definitely worth it.

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