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8 Beauty Tips for the Rains ...

By Melanie

You put on your favorite makeup, straighten your hair and go out. In the parking lot, it starts pouring down rain like there is no tomorrow. Man, that sucks. I am sure you have done this before, we have all done this. Then, the makeup starts to run down your cheek, because it’s not waterproof – hey, you didn’t look at the weather, you didn’t plan on it raining. A little tip for you: Start watching the weather channel or looking at it online. Sm For you, I am going to give you 8 beauty tips for the rains.

Table of contents:

  1. choose boots
  2. keep protective rain gear with you
  3. let the colors shine
  4. the makeup base is important
  5. eye makeup
  6. do not experiment too much
  7. protect yourself from moisture
  8. choose the right accessories

8 Choose Boots

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When you know it is going to rain, you need to ditch those stilettos or those heels and go for a pair of boots. If you do not want to wear boots because they do not go with your outfit, then there is always rubber slippers that are great for those rainy days.

7 Keep Protective Rain Gear with You

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Sometimes, the weather channel is wrong. They do not predict rain, yet it starts to rain. Yes, this has happened to me a few times before. Luckily, I had rain gear in my car. Having an umbrella sure does beat holding a newspaper over the head any day.

6 Let the Colors Shine

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During the rainy season, what do you see? You look up and see a lot of dark, gloomy clouds. Don’t let the darkness set in. Lively up your world by wearing some colorful clothes.

5 The Makeup Base is Important

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The makeup base is important. The main cause of makeup smudging is because of too much foundation. When you use it, you should only apply a thin coat of it. The foundation you use should also be water resistant. Also, make sure you choose the shade that is close to your natural skin color.

4 Eye Makeup

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When it rains, if you do not have waterproof mascara on, you are going to experience something that is not so pretty. Therefore, you should always make sure you wear mascara that is waterproof.

3 Do Not Experiment Too Much

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On those Rainy weather days, you should not experiment too much on the hair. Don’t force your hair into something that you are not sure about. The rain will come along and ruin that hairstyle.

2 Protect Yourself from Moisture

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The biggest problem during the rainy season is the extra moisture in the air. The moisture can take a toll on your hair, even if you are inside. In Florida, when the humidity is high, I know this one for a fact. Depending on the type of hair you have, it could leave your hair flat or frizzy. Try using a humidity protective gel.

1 Choose the Right Accessories

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If your hair is acting up during the rainy weather, then this would be a good time to make a fashion statement. Try putting a headscarf on. This will help hide that hair.

There you have 8 beauty tips for the rains. I love the rainy seasons, but the hair gives a big problem because of the humidity in the air. Following these tips should help you out a bit. What is your biggest problem during the rain?

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