8 Beauty Tips for the Rains ...

You put on your favorite makeup, straighten your hair and go out. In the parking lot, it starts pouring down rain like there is no tomorrow. Man, that sucks. I am sure you have done this before, we have all done this. Then, the makeup starts to run down your cheek, because it’s not waterproof – hey, you didn’t look at the weather, you didn’t plan on it raining. A little tip for you: Start watching the weather channel or looking at it online. Sm For you, I am going to give you 8 beauty tips for the rains.

8. Choose Boots

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Photo Credit: kgboxer

When you know it is going to rain, you need to ditch those stilettos or those heels and go for a pair of boots. If you do not want to wear boots because they do not go with your outfit, then there is always rubber slippers that are great for those rainy days.

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