8 Reasons Why Makeup is Good for You ...


8 Reasons Why Makeup is Good for You ...
8 Reasons Why Makeup is Good for You ...

Although I don’t wear makeup every day, I do enjoy using it. And I’m not alone there! Women have been using cosmetics for thousands of years, and there are many reasons why. Here are my top Reasons Why Makeup Can Be Really Good for You

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Ego Boost

Ego Boost Do you know that feeling when you find the perfect lipstick for you? And you know that every time you put it on, you feel really good? If you feel good, you look good. So, it's wonderful all around, not to mention dozens of compliments you are bound to receive the day you are wearing your favorite makeup. So, why not to do this more often? Makeup is good for you, so just apply your favorite tried products, look gorgeous and get that major self confidence boost on the way!

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Skin Protection

Skin Protection Using a foundation or tinted moisturiser containing sun protection will help protect your skin from Sun damage. It's also believed that foundation provides protection against pollution, which is as important as SPF protection especially if you live in a bigger city. Environmental pollution is as harmful to the skin as the UVA, UVB rays and can cause premature aging. So why not take precaution and put on that foundation or tinted moisturizer in the morning. And not only it will be protecting your skin, it will also be making your skin look flawless and picture perfect!

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Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy It doesn’t have to take ages to put on your makeup. A simple makeup routine can make quite a difference, adding a little bit of polish to your looks.

Go for the basics:

• foundation or tinted moisturizer, if your skin is on the perfect side (3 minutes)
• natural looking blush to highlight your beautiful cheekbones (1 minute)
• a little bit of an eyeliner on the top eyelid, as close to your eyelashes as possible and in between the lashes to make them look fuller (2 minutes)
• 2 layers of mascara (2 minutes)
• a touch of lipgloss or lipstick to play up your pretty lips (1 minute)

9 minutes total and you will have one extra minute to make sure everything looks perfect, there are no smudges and all the lines are blended well. Unless you work in an industry where appearance is very important, less is more, so keeping it simple means that it won’t take long to do your makeup. With practice you'll be able to get this simple makeup routine under 9 minutes! Now, who doesn't have 9 minutes in the morning to look more beautiful the enitre day?

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Fun Work may require a subtle look, but when it comes to your free time you can really have fun with makeup. Try a gothic or sophisticated look, or even go wild for athemed party. Anything’s possible! It's time to try new colors and new styles and who knows, maybe you'll find your new look? I personally love going through the looks in the magazines and then trying to copy one that I like the most. Sometimes it's quite challenging, but it's also fun! And while trying different makeup styles you also perfect your skills of applying makeup which is great for your every day life!

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Experiment Photo Credit: JLN Photography

With makeup, it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong – you can just wipe off the mistake and start again. What if you buy a colour and it doesn’t suit you? Look for other ways of using it - try using a shadow as a liner, or turning a lipstick into a gloss. Look through books on makeup (the ones by Bobbie Brown are particularly interesting), you'll be amazed at how much new information on makeup you will discover! And isn't it great to learn tips from the professionals and try applying them? From color schemes to techniques, to particular products, you'll be amazed at how much there is to makeup and how different your look can be!



Variety Photo Credit: Wisely-Chosen

Makeup never gets boring. There is an endless variety of colours and products. You can use different colours of eyeshadows and lip products every day if you like change! And don't get me started on the styles, from natural barely there look to the glam Hollywood look, you'll be able to try anything in between!


Enhance Features

Enhance Features Heavy makeup isn’t flattering, unless you’re performing on a stage. Instead, makeup can be used to flatter your best features – and play down those you’re not quite so fond of.

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Cleansing Using makeup regularly encourages you to get into a good cleansing routine. We all know that you should NEVER go to bed without removing makeup, so unless you’re very lazy or very tired, spending those few minutes cleansing will leave you with clean, fresh skin.

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So, are you a makeup devotee? How does it make you feel? Or do you prefer thenatural look?

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yeah i do agree with it but dont take it like an obseption just look at ur self in the mirror and them imaging urself like how u will look perfect or atleast shineing and them see what make up do u need to use fot the ocations taking in count teh weather and the day timeand the clothers and try to make it more natural as posible ., believe,me mans like it alot.....

this economy the United States of america a few days ago is in dept for 3 TRILLION dollars stop spending money on useless crap like make-up stick to the natural stuff

i only wear makeup when i intend to look nice... like dinner parties, dances, family get togethers, mom's office parties... because without it, even if i'm wearing my nicest dress, i feel like i do when im at home in my pj's. basically, to polish up like you said.

It's more like a confidence boost, not an ego boost. And yes, make-up is great :D

This is a wonderful, enjoyable little article! Thank you for taking your time to entertain all of us readers. Keep writing!

I enjoyed reading this post! It has reasons I had never particularly thought of myself. That said, I agree, the right lipstick can always put a little pep in my step! :)

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