8 Beauty Spots to Highlight ...


8 Beauty Spots to Highlight ...
8 Beauty Spots to Highlight ...

Beauty Spots to Highlight may be different for different women, but some spots are universal. Your hair is perfectly washed, dried, styled and beautiful. Your eyes are expertly lined and shadowed. Your lips are exfoliated and glossed. But what about the rest of your body? Women are lovely creatures and we should take full advantage of every curve and form of that beauty. Your whole body can be appealing, not just your hair or your lips. There are plenty of beauty spots to highlight that people often overlook or don't realize could be pretty with a little TLC. So here's to looking fresh and pretty in ways you never knew you could! Whether you're heading out to a party, a date with your hubby, or just fee like looking extra gorgeous one day, these beauty spots will have you looking glam in an instant! So without further ado, 8 beauty spots to highlight!

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The Nape of Your Neck

We all usually remember to apply sunscreen to our face, chest and arms. But most people (including me at times!) forget to apply sunscreen to the nape of their neck! And especially those of us who have longer hair because the hair covers the back of your neck, thus causing you to forget it. Don't make this mistake! Sun damage can make your neck look old and wrinkled, so in order to make sure this beauty spot gets highlighted, apply sunscreen, then wear your hair up with pride and show off beautiful skin back there!


Your Chest

Ok, I'm sure all you are thinking "Duh"! But notice I didn't say BREASTS. I said CHEST. Big difference! Your chest is the area above your breasts, and believe me, it's a beauty spot to highlight that gets over looked very often! Low cut blouses and tops lead to lines and spot from the sun exposure over time-even if you're applying sunscreen. The skin on your chest is a bit more tender so it needs extra protection. You can offer it by applying a vitamin C serum to your chest. Then dust it with bronzer for some sexy shine!


Your Arms

When hitting up the gym, most women use the bikes, treadmills, and ab machines. This is all great-but we're leaving out an important feature! Our arms! Arms that are toned up are a great beauty spot. You can lift 5-10 pound weights at the gym, or you can do things the old-school way. Do push-ups! Aim for 10-15 the first time and up the number from there. You can do it! Then go ahead and wear all your cute sleeveless tops with pride!


Your Elbows

This may sound a little crazy, but your elbows are a beauty spot to highlight! Just think how unattractive a scaly, rough elbow looks. Not appealing, right? So here's the fix. Exfoliate your elbows in the shower weekly with a gentle scrub to buff away dryness. Then apply a thick lotion to lock in moisture and banish those flakes! If you keep this little routine up, you will have sexy, smooth elbows in no time! And it only takes a few extra seconds to buff in the shower.


Your Back

The sad truth is that even as adults, we can suffer from bacne. And you thought you left it behind in your teen years! One of the main reasons adult women get bacne is because hair conditioner drips down your back in the shower and clogs pores, causing those ugly little red bumps to pop up. The solution is to make sure you rinse really well! Also, try using a body wash that has salicylic acid in it to help clear things up. Your back is a great beauty spot, but it's tempting to just cover it up and go on when it's covered in pimples and blemishes the size of Mount Everest!


Your Thighs

Oh the dreaded curse of cellulite! Over half of the women in the world have to deal with it and it's NOT fun! Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it. Except this one cool spa remedy! It's called massage. Yes, massage is a proven cure for cellulite because it breaks up the fatty stuff. You can do it yourself while you are in the shower. Press your finger tips into the affected areas making small circles for two minutes. When you get out of the shower, apply a lotion or cream with caffeine in it since caffeine shrinks your fat cells and reduces the appearance of cellulite.


Your Posture

Your posture is a very lovely beauty spot to highlight! It may not be a "spot" but there's no doubt that having great posture can help you look amazing. Remember to stand up straight and not slouch. Also, by doing planks you can teach your spine not to slump. Planks are easy. Just get into push-up position and rest on your fore-arms, with knees and stomach off the floor and back and butt parallel to the ground. Hold for 30 seconds, tightening your abs and butt as much as you can. Do this three times, four days a week and you will get great results!!


Your Rear End

It shouldn't come as a surprise that your tush is a beauty spot that should be highlighted, but most women forget all about it because it's behind them! Don't let that be your mistake! When you are at the gym, make sure that some of your exercises are geared toward firming up your rear end, and work it hard! You want that thing to be wiggle-worthy! Don't forget to exfoliate and apply lotion back there either. A dry flaky butt doesn't score points in bed!

I hope these 8 beauty spots to highlight have inspired you to pay extra attention to your whole body not just your face! I can promise you that your man will eat it up, and you will be feeling pretty sexy yourself! You don't need to devote an hour a day to each of these beauty spots to highlight, but just paying a little extra attention to each of these body parts will get YOU a little extra attention. Go ahead, try out these beauty spots to highlight and you'll see for yourself! In the meantime, what's your favorite feature to highlight?

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