7 New Things to do with Your Blush ...


7 New Things to do with Your Blush ...
7 New Things to do with Your Blush ...

You've always worn blush, but in the traditional way! Now, there are new things to do with your blush you never new existed! Fresh new moves to give your face a whole new "blush of color" are just waiting to be discovered. If you are bored with your blush routine and placement, just keep reading this article for 7 new things to do with your blush! You will look and feel just like a babe with these pro makeup tips. Do you need serious blush help? Just keep reading for my top tips and 7 new things to do with your blush!

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Go Bright

Don't shy away from blush that is bright and bold. Even though it looks neon in the compact, it goes on sheer! And the added benefit is that you will look like you are positively beaming! It will look realistic I promise. Just apply it to the apples of your cheeks only, and blend it out with a fluffy powder brush.


Wear It on Your Lips

Think outside of your cheekbones and do a creamy pink or rose inspired blush on your lips. You will look demure and girly with a subtle wash of color! Don't have any cream blush on hand? Powder blush works too! Apply some lip balm (don't use gloss) to your lips, then get some powder blush on your finger. Run it over your lips for more of a stained look. It will stay put all day! That's a really new thing to do with your blush!


Blush on My WHAT?

As you apply your blush, don't forget your earlobes. WHAT?!?!?! Yes, that's right, your earlobes! Rubbing a rose or berry cream blush onto your earlobes will make your face look more awake. Some women swear by this trick! Use the same shade of blush on your cheeks to pull the look together.


Pair It with Bold Lipstick

I've noticed that many women tend to wear muted or toned down colors on their lips when they do a colorful cheek, and vice versa. I'd love to ask them if they know it's ok to do both! The key is balance. Put your lipstick on first, then apply blush. This way you keep from looking clownish! And definitely only do mascara on the eyes. Pairing bold lipstick with your blush is a fabulous new thing to do with your blush.


Make a Motion

Make a motion, make a motion.....a C motion that is! What's a C motion? Run your makeup brush in a C shape from your cheekbones to your eyebrows. Yes, take it that high up! This will give the illusion that a light is shining from within you! Just use a very light, subtle shade with very small glitter particles. You don't want to look like you got into your mommy's Halloween kit!


Do It All Dewy

There is a very thin line between looking greasy and glowing. You don't want to look greasy! Here's how to master the trick of looking glowing. Take a dime sized drop of moisturizer and mix a little cream blush into it. Then rub it into your cheeks on the apples and work it out towards your temples. The moisturizer will help it blend evenly, and you will look so youthful and radiant! Shhhhh, we won't tell anyone how you always look so fine.


Use Different Shades

Don't be afraid to mix blush shades! Sometimes you can buy a compact with two shades in it, one for contour and one for highlight. But if you can't, don't sweat it! Just buy several different shades of blush, and experiment till you find a pretty look. Just remember to use a light hand and check out your face in natural light. A great new thing to do with your blush when you're finished is topping it off with a pretty pink highlight on your cheekbones.

I hope this article has given you a few great ideas of new things to do with your blush! I love makeup, and I hope to be a makeup artist one day. Do you have a favorite blush technique?

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