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Had Too Much Sun? Check out Our List of Sun Repair Damage Products ...

By Mabelle

If there’s one thing that your skin **cannot do without -it’s getting too much **‘heat’ **from the **sun. Overexposure **to sun can lead to sun damage, which will appear as **dark sunspots on your skin. Aside from these unsightly marks, fine lines and wrinkles **are also a result of too much **sun exposure.

Here’s a quick list of the sun damage repair tools **or products that you can use to reverse the **aging effects **caused by too much **vitamin D on your skin, as compiled by
**Sunblock **
Beach season **or not, the sun can seriously **damage **your skin when there’s **overexposure, so make sure that it is protected with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock products.
*Recommended Product: Neutrogena Suncare with Helioplex (Ultra Sheer)

Just like the body, your skin also needs **antioxidants **to help stave off the effects of **stress **and pollution. **Antioxidants **help decrease fine lines and improve the skin’s **tone **and texture.
*Recommended Product: L’Occitane Honey Comfort Cleansing Fluid

Glycolic Acids
These alpha-hydroxy acids **derived from fruits are safe, and they help **repair sun damage, clear acne and decrease fine lines.
* Recommended Product: Avon Anew Cleanser

When taken in small amounts, over-the-counter **retinoids **can help decrease fine lines, wrinkles and repair sun damage.
* Recommended Product: Neutrogena Healthy Defense

**Night Repair **
Part of your nightly beauty **ritual should be using a good night **repair cream which works while you are catching hours of sleep. They help decrease fine lines and repair sun damage.
* Recommended Product: Aveeno Positively Ageless Night Cream

**Finally, regular diet and exercise will help negate the ill-effects of to much sun on your skin. **

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