Had Too Much Sun? Check out Our List of Sun Repair Damage Products ...


Had Too Much Sun? Check out Our List of Sun Repair Damage Products ...
Had Too Much Sun? Check out Our List of Sun Repair Damage Products ...

If there’s one thing that your skin **cannot do without -it’s getting too much **‘heat’ **from the **sun. Overexposure **to sun can lead to sun damage, which will appear as **dark sunspots on your skin. Aside from these unsightly marks, fine lines and wrinkles **are also a result of too much **sun exposure.

Here’s a quick list of the sun damage repair tools **or products that you can use to reverse the **aging effects **caused by too much **vitamin D on your skin, as compiled by MSNBC.com:
**Sunblock **
Beach season **or not, the sun can seriously **damage **your skin when there’s **overexposure, so make sure that it is protected with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock products.
*Recommended Product: Neutrogena Suncare with Helioplex (Ultra Sheer)

Just like the body, your skin also needs **antioxidants **to help stave off the effects of **stress **and pollution. **Antioxidants **help decrease fine lines and improve the skin’s **tone **and texture.
*Recommended Product: L’Occitane Honey Comfort Cleansing Fluid

Glycolic Acids
These alpha-hydroxy acids **derived from fruits are safe, and they help **repair sun damage, clear acne and decrease fine lines.
* Recommended Product: Avon Anew Cleanser

When taken in small amounts, over-the-counter **retinoids **can help decrease fine lines, wrinkles and repair sun damage.
* Recommended Product: Neutrogena Healthy Defense

**Night Repair **
Part of your nightly beauty **ritual should be using a good night **repair cream which works while you are catching hours of sleep. They help decrease fine lines and repair sun damage.
* Recommended Product: Aveeno Positively Ageless Night Cream

**Finally, regular diet and exercise will help negate the ill-effects of to much sun on your skin. **

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Very useful! I am looking for a good product for sun damage repair. I am considering Meladerm and Murad. I would appreciate input about those products.

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