Best Beauty Pick: Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask ...

If there’s one beauty product **that I definitely cannot do without, that is none other than **facial masks. After putting on makeup for the entire week that I go to work – I feel as if masks revitalize my skin from all the impurities brought on by the cosmetic products that I use.

It was easy to use and not at all messy. It's got a yummy scent to!

- Melissa, Domestic Engineer from Florida

Which is why our best beauty pick of the week is something that I personally love: it’s Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask by Bliss. The good thing about this mask is that it has a ‘frothy’ texture once applied.

It's a nice departure from a clay mask since it's so neat and easy and delivers amazing results...Trust me- it really works..
- Carissa, Hooked on Beauty, Makeup Artist

As the name implies, it’s an instant mask which helps release oxygen into the skin. Aside from oxygen, this energizing mask from Bliss also includes vitamin C, time-released antioxidants and moisturizers to revitalize lackluster skin.

It doesn't work miracles but it does tighten ands brighten and smooth things in that 5 minutes. I did notice a difference.
- Beauty Alchemist, from New Jersey, US

The results? Deeply cleansed, brighter, fresher and younger looking skin!

The results: our face definitely felt refreshed and it was smooth, pink and glowing... At $52, it's not cheap but much less than a spa treatment.
- The Jet Set Girls

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