By Terry’s Bronze Perfecting Brush for That Easy Touch-up

One of the things I worry about during the day is whether or not my makeup’s still fine. I know, I know…talk about being vain…but, really, I can’t help it especially if I tend to meet clients and VIPs often. I always see to it that I check my face on the mirror every hour and see if my mascara hasn’t smudged and if my lipstick hasn’t faded. I also see to it that my cheeks remain smoothed out and powdered up. So you can just imagine my excitement when I found out about By Terry’s new VIP Bronze Expert SunGlow Perfecting Brush.

What I love about this product are — hold your breath — the hyaluronic acid microspheres (I really don’t know what the difference is between hyaluronic acid microspheres and regular microspheres but hey, we know how valuable micro-stuff are in keeping our skin pores tight, right?). These micro thingies blend into the skin and basically “fill up” the hollow areas (apart from pores). The result? Perfectly airbrushed effect on your cheeks and the rest of your face!

Plus don’t you like how this brush looks? I think it’s pretty and cute. The head of the brush isn’t that huge, “spread out” and long…giving you that perfect control as you dab it on your cheeks and blend the bronzer across your face. Of course, I’m also loving the fact that you’ll have an instant sun-kissed look!

You can buy your share of this nice By Terry product for only $48.00 over at Sephora.

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