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New Season.....New Makeup

By Jai

Does your makeup change with the seasons? There are new trends **in makeup every season and there’s nothing wrong with trying them…just make sure you don’t do it at the same time! Play up one feature and make that the **center of attention. If you are going to try a bold shadow then please don’t try the dark lipsticks as well that are in this season at the same time.
There’s nothing wrong with extending your tan a little bit more by using some bronzer. The makeup trends vary and depending on the look you are going for I’m sure that there is something out there that appeals to you. If you want to try a few different trends to see if they work for you my advice is to go to your local drugstore first and try out some cheaper brands. If you like the look and want to commit, then definitely stop by your favorite makeup counter.
Another idea if you want to stay away from drugstore brands is to get a complimentary skin analysis and makeup session. Sephora does them and I believe they are even an hour long for free! You just need to make an appointment beforehand. You can learn some great application tips as well. I love Sephora because they have so many different makeup brands under one roof that I’m sure they’ve got something for you!

Your favorite makeup brands are also premiering holiday collections in time for Christmas! Check out which ones appeal to you the most and make sure to add them to your Christmas list! There are also great sales going on for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the month of December. You'll be sure to find the holiday collection that screams you!

Also remember the start to great makeup is great skin! Your skincare regimen should definitely change from summer to fall. Adding moisturizer to your routine is probably a good idea and there’s one for every skin type. Even people with **oily skin **should try a moisturizer. Your skin can really act up from the winter especially if you have to turn on your heater if you’re in the colder climates. The dry air can really wreck havoc on your skin. Make an appointment to stop by your favorite makeup counter and continue your **beauty **into winter!

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