7 New Make up Products You'll Love ...

I love new make-up, and just recently there has been a huge rise in the amount of amazing new makeup products. From magical lotions and potions to gorgeous new make up colours and styles, I’m always hunting out the next best thing and seeing how good it really is, and here are my top 7 make up productseveryone will love...

1. Murad Clarifying Cleanser Gel

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Price: $34 at asos.com
I’m always wary of new cleansers and toners. After all, there are so many that surely they must all do about the same now? I was wrong, apparently! This new cleanser comes in a gorgeous squeezy bottle and is a thick gel which is easy to apply. It quickly penetrates skin, clears blemishes, fights spots and keeps skin clean and hydrated. A few days use really did make a difference to my skin!

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