5 Quick Steps to Soothe Chapped Lips ...

By Amanda

5 Quick Steps to Soothe Chapped Lips ...

It is always better to prevent than to cure. Chapped lips can be caused by a number of factors, and many of them, such as being for a long time in a dry and cold environment, eating very salty dishes, or kissing outside in a windy weather ;) , can be avoided or at least minimized.

Other causes of getting chapped lips may be due to the thyroid hormone imbalances or B vitamins deficiency, which can be cured by a long-term adherence to a healthy, natural diet.

Chapped lips can also be triggered by your hypersensitivity to a new lipstick, in which case throw it into the garbage and never buy any product of the same brand again. No matter what the cause is, if you have already developed chapped lips, use the following tips to cure them as quickly as possible:
1 Step. Goose or Duck Fat …
Our grandmothers used goose or duck fat to facilitate the healing of chapped lips. Those are truly wonderful remedies, so next time when you are making a roast duck with apples, do not discard the fat, but keep it in the fridge as a traditional medicine. If you do not have any, do not despair - coconut oil, or olive oil, or shea butter, will work great, as well. Apply frequently until your lips heal.
2 Step. No Alcohol …
Do not use any gel, balm, or lipstick that contain alcohol or petroleum products - they for sure will worsen the condition and will make your chapped lips feel even dryer and more painful. Use only natural remedies. A good rule is to put on your lips only edible ingredients (this rule also works well for any other body care products, because the skin rapidly absorbs all contents of lotions and creams, both good and bad ). In other words, if you cannot eat it - do not put it either on your lips or on your skin!
3 Step. No Hot, Spicy, Salty …
Abstain from eating any hot, spicy, or salty foods for as long as your lips are still dry, cracked, and painful.
4 Step. Stay Home …
Avoid going outside if the weather is dry and windy. If you must, use a generous amount of natural oil to protect your lips from unfriendly environment.
5 Step. Be patient …
It may take up to a week for your lips to heal completely. In the meanwhile, be sweet and compassionate to yourself and make your boyfriend prepare a comforting dessert with a delicious and relaxing warm drink. Indulge in pampering your taste buds and forget for awhile about your chapped lips! :)

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ive always used burts bee's wax chapstick or try rubbing sugar on your lips to get rid of dead skin then keep tons of chapstick on afterwards.

I've chapped and dry lips from many years now i'm 23 years.. i have to to face a lot of problem and embarrassments. Sometimes i don't like the life. please i request u to solve my problem.. most of the time i have whiteheads ..this is very very big problem. i would be greatful to u.

i have an other way...get some plastic wrap..then apply any kind of chap stick;i prefer cocoa butter, and put it all around the edges of you're lips and you're lips then cover your lips with the plastic wrap and keep it on for about 115-20 minutes and your lips will be softer!

I used to have chapped lips and when i was younger, THEY WERE AWFUL.I used to have like a red mustache on top of my upper lip and whenever i tried to stretch my lips they would sting and hurt SOO BADLY. but now... i use Nivea it really works i bought all the kinds of chapsticks from nivea and they really work! I really love the Nivea Hydro Care. Once, I put it on... it was already soothing my lips. then after, my lips became BEAUTIFUL AND SMOOTH. All the other brands that I used didnt work for me. Sadly

hiya evreyone !!! i have very chappedlippes and evrey time i tried to smileor eat they would just sting i have the same thing as u krystal and thankyou for the tip mi mum went to buy some and i thinkthey will be orite after she has bout some and please can someone answer me does it sting a bit after u have put nivea on your lips ???? bye bye xxx regards alisha

I used to have this problem for years, then i discovered that it's the first sign of few water intake. I started drinking 1.5 to 2.0 Liter of water daily and it's gone :)

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