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Bourjois claim this mascara will create those long, curly lashes you have always dreamt of! We decided we’d give it a reality check to see if it can live up to it’s tales…
Type of Mascara: Lengthening & Curling
Colours Available: Black
Price Range: Average
Product Claims:
Take your lashes to great lengths! This ultra lengthening and curving mascara stretches and arches your lashes with lash-extending fibres and curving polymers designed to accentuate the contours of your lashes. The high separation brush stretches your lashes one by one. Tested under ophthalmologic control.
My Experience:
Long and curly is what I’m always hoping to achieve with mascara so I hoped this would be the one! The brush is unusual and it did seem to embrace my lashes one by one creating amazing separation. It seemed to wrap around each lash, leaving my lashes looking thicker and longer. After a couple of coats I noticed the lift-off effect the brush has, curling my lashes into a beautiful arc and holding them there. I was really impressed with this mascara, it keeps its promises and does a superb job executing its duties!

Overall Rating: Excellent

Price: $14.50 at

My main purpose of using mascara is to add colour and length to my lashes. What’s yours?

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WONDERFUL AND FABULOUS! It is lvoely to find a girl like me out there who's got love for curls and curves! Thank you, I cannot wait to try this! ? Xxx

Hey, As a seventeen-year-old-girl, I've been looking for the perfect mascara for a while now. And I have to admit that this mascara comes very close to what I had (as perfect mascara) in mind. The mascara separates the lashes beautifully,lengthens the lashes extremely and let them curl a little. And if you curl your lashes first, the result it GREAT!! Also very important, it isn´t expensive, compared to other great mascara´s!! I bought it for 10 euro´s!! Bottom line: It really does what is promissed and is definitely recommandable!!!

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