5 Lip Products to Rock and Pout with ...


5 Lip Products to Rock and Pout with ...
5 Lip Products to Rock and Pout with ...

Orange You Glad Your Lips Are Orange?

Orange, apparently, is big this season. Would you rock orange lips? These ladies make it look chic, no?

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Want Natural? You Need Coral Glaze

This Bobbi Brown lip shade is wonderful to look at. It sure looks natural and fun on Tavia.


Lip gloss that changes colors when you're horny? Is this even realistic? I may want to try it to see if it works, though.


Judging by these shades, you will agree with me. How wonderfully girly are these shades of pink? Viva Glam may have to be my favorite.


I am purely a lip gloss girl because choosing the right shade of lipstick seems like hard work. I'm lazy, yeah. This guide is exactly what I need to find the perfect red for me.
Top Image by **Mariano Kamp**

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:D Lovely post! Im not used to use any lipstick, I am addicted to chapstick though, between the bobby brown natural one and macs viva glam which one is less glossy?

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