8 Gorgeous Glosses ...


8 Gorgeous Glosses ...
8 Gorgeous Glosses ...

We girls all love our lippy, but many women prefer to switch to a lighter gloss in the summer. And we’re certainly spoiled for choice! There’s such a wide range of lip glosses on the market, so I’ve picked out just a few for you to look at.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origins

Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origins Price: $18 at sephora.com
The hugely popular Juicy Tubes keep on selling like hot cakes. To mark 10 years since the glosses first appeared, Lancome have brought out this special edition that, as the name says, only uses natural ingredients. So snap them up while you still can!


Smashbox Naked Beauty Collection

Smashbox Naked Beauty Collection Price: $24 at sephora.com
Another limited edition, so don’t hang around! If you like to wear a different gloss every day, this set will suit you perfectly. With eight mini-glosses, you’ll have one for each day of the week, plus a spare!


Buxom Lips Full Color

Buxom Lips Full Color Price: $18 at sephora.com
Everything about this product has a retro feel, from the name to the packaging. It comes in a range of 11 colours, each with a girl’s name, and promises that your lips won’t feel sticky (which can be a problem with many glosses).


ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine

ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine Price: $1.00 at eyeslipsface.com
That price is not a misprint. Just one single dollar will buy you this gloss. If you haven’t come across ELF before, their aim is to provide quality products at very low prices. And they certainly achieve this! A bonus with this lip shine is that it contains an SPF – don’t forget your lips need protection from the sun as well.


ELF Hypershine Box Set

ELF Hypershine Box Set Price: $5 at eyeslipsface.com
Or how about this set of five glosses? This sparkly set would be perfect for holidays or as a gift. Try using one as a topcoat over your normal lipstick for an added touch of glamour on a night out.


Maybelline Superstay Gloss

Maybelline Superstay Gloss Price: $5.99 at drugstore.com
This promises to stay put for 12 hours – wouldn’t that be useful! No constant retouching every time you eat or drink something. There are eight soft shades to choose from.


IMAN Luxury Lip Shine Gloss

Price: $9.99 at drugstore.com
Model Iman launched her range as she couldn’t find makeup to suit her dark skin. So if you also have dark skin, try one of these six shades. I also love the simple yet expensive looking packaging.


L’Oreal Colour Juice in Candy Apple

Price: $8.48 at drugstore.com
If you like a slightly deeper tone, then try this gloss. I like stronger colours rather than very pale shades, so this one would suit me nicely. There are 12 shades in total to choose from.

If you are a glossy girl, I hope you’ve found something to suit you here. Do you wear gloss all year round, or keep it for the summer?

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Oooh, I love MAC lipglass. And I love Bonne Bell Vitagloss. I wanna try the Lancome stuff. I love their Oscillation mascara and I love their Rogue Radiance lipstick.

The ELF lipgloss is one of the best I've used! It's not sticky but it doesn't need to be re-applied every ten seconds. It's cheap and great!


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