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4 Best Hot Drinks for Winter Time

By Amanda

1 Hot Toddy:

In a saucepan, combine 1 cup freshly brewed Darjeeling tea, 1/4 cup whiskey, 1/4 cup ginger wine, 4 cloves, and a pinch of freshly grated cinnamon (a stick will do, too). Warm gently over a low heat; be careful not to boil. Allow to infuse for about 3-5 minutes. Strain into mugs and serve immediately. Hot Toddy is the best TV drink for a cold and nasty winter evening - especially delicious when sipped together with your loved one!

2 Hot Tea Punch:

Mix 2 cups hot, freshly-made, double-strength Ceylon tea with 1 cup Amontillado cherry, 1 cup rum, freshly-squeezed juice of 1 lemon, and about 1 tbsp lime juice.

Add some brown sugar or, better yet, honey to taste and stir well until dissolves. Serve warm in mugs.

Do not drive after drinking! ;)

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3 Cafe Brulot:

It is an absolutely delicious and picturesque hot French drink!

To make, first prepare about 3 cups of strong black coffee (use a fairly big French press) and leave it to brew for 5 minutes. In the meantime, mix in a saucepan 1 tbsp brown sugar, 5 whole cloves, a long strip each of lemon peel and orange peel, a stick of cinnamon, a pinch of natural vanilla, and 1 cup brandy.

Ignite with a long match and allow to burn for 30 seconds (it will greatly impress your guests - guaranteed! :).

Pour into 4 cups that are three-quarters full of hot, strong coffee.

Enjoy and receive compliments!

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4 Spicy Cardamom Drink:

In many Northern European countries, cardamom is a winter spice that adds warmth and zest to mulled wines and hot winter punches. In both North America and the Middle East, it is used to enhance the flavour of the traditionally bitter and strong coffee, while in Africa cardamom is added into tea.

Try a flavourful and refreshing hot infusion of cardamom pods, which is usually served after dinner since it also aids digestion. To prepare this drink, put about 12 whole crushed pods into 6 cups boiling water.

Add a strip of orange peel and brew for about 10 minutes. Add 2 tbsp black tea leaves, leave for 5 minutes more, and strain.

Serve immediately with hot milk and honey.

It is a pure delight to sip this spicy drink at the end of a chilly winter day, especially if to snuggle cosily with your cup under a warm blanket! :)

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