Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star Powder - Expert Review ...


Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star Powder - Expert Review ...
Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star Powder - Expert Review ...

This new shimmering pressed powder from Dior claims to give you a heavenly sparkle. But does it really?
Product Description:
As sheer and shimmering as silk, the new Shimmer powder brightens the complexion with thousands of sparkles and an airy caress of translucent light subtly shaded with delicate, sparkly gem-like effects. What is the secret of these unique reflections? Just the right amount of pearlescent particles and pigments designed to give the skin a beautiful sheen. The result: in just one step, your face radiates with a delicate halo of light!
My Experience:
Simply stardust from heaven! I love this product and how it looks on my skin. I have fair skin, so I need to use a lot. The result is a beautiful, rosy shimmer, perfect for summer! I was disappointed it didn’t come with a brush, as it’s expensive. However, the powder is so delicate and it even contains jewels - so I can’t complain! I like the way it is subtle and not too glittery. It’s definitely a summer essential!

Rating: Excellent

Price: $43 at sephora.com

If you have a darker skin tone and tried this product – did you have to use a lot to get an effect?

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