10 Hottest Bikinis for Spring Break ...

Girls! I just looked at the calendar and realized that Spring Break is only a few weeks away! Time to start on that bikini-body workout, and time to start shopping for a hot new bikini for Spring Break! Schedule that bikini wax, pack your sunscreenand trashy romance novel, and check out my list of the ten hottest swimsuits for Spring Break!

1. Estancia Peacock

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Price: $168 at ondademar.com
Clearly inspired by peacock feather, this hot little bikini features a sliding triangle top that ties in the back and behind the neck. The tiny bikini bottom ties at the sides. Choose a generous size 8, 10, or 12, and cover up with a timid sarong. Wear with chunky, funky bangles and a sweet pair of sunglasses, and don’t forget your gladiator sandals! So hot!

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