10 Cutest Sunglasses for Spring Break ...


10 Cutest Sunglasses for Spring Break ...
10 Cutest Sunglasses for Spring Break ...

Spring Break will be here before you know it, and you’re so ready for some fun in the sun! You have everything you need — sunscreen, a couple of cute bikinis, sandals. But wait! What about sunglasses to go with all of those cute swimsuits and protect your eyes at the same time? No worries! Here’s my list of the ten cutest sunglasses for Spring Break, and they’re all priced so you can buy a pair for every outfit!

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Wet Seal Classic round Sunglasses

Wet Seal Classic round Sunglasses Price: $7.50 at wetseal.com
Choose black, tortoise-shell, or green, and rock the beach like a little diva! I love the over-sized flair and the tones of the lenses themselves. These would be great for Spring Break! Just keep a pair in your handbag or beach tote! I’m sure you have at least two swimsuits that would look adorable with these!


Wet Seal Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Wet Seal Classic Aviator Sunglasses Price: $7.50 at wetseal.com
Ok, Miss Miami Vice. Go a little retro with these. Feather your hair, or wear a headband, and maybe an oversized medallion necklace. So cute! I love the reflective mirror lenses… the boys won’t know who you’re checking out! You must have these for Spring Break!


Aeropostale Aero Large Sunglasses

Aeropostale Aero Large Sunglasses Price: $12.99 at aeropostale.com
Get cute style and 100% UV protection for your eyes! Choose white, black, or brown tortoise-shell. These would look perfect perched atop your head, holding your hair back, especially with a cute sundress for an afternoon of shopping…


Aeropostale Rhinestone Shield Sunglasses

Aeropostale Rhinestone Shield Sunglasses Price: $12.99 at aeropostale.com
These are adorable! Choose from brown or black… both are super-sleek and very sexy, with a little rhinestone sparkle. They’re larger than typical aviators, and are perfect for a day at the beach. Pair with chunky bangles and a cute pair of denim shorts…


Kirra Bond Sunglasses

Kirra Bond Sunglasses Price: $14.50 at shop.pacsun.com
This one’s for the guys! They need sunglasses for Spring Break, too, right? I love these… they do look like something James Bond would wear! They have chrome at the temples and block 100% of harmful UV rays. Picture your guy in these and a sleek red convertible…


Kirra Scout Sunglasses

Kirra Scout Sunglasses Price: $14.50 at shop.pacsun.com
Another pair for the fellas! Get a little funky, a lot fly! These feature a faux-wood frame with gold and chrome detailing. They’re over-sized and also offer 100% UV protection. These are so unique, no other guy will have them for sure!


Hot Topic Geometric Cat-eye Sunglasses

Hot Topic Geometric Cat-eye Sunglasses Price: $12.99 at hottopic.com
I adore the funky retro0-style cat’s eye shape of these sunglasses! If your swimsuits for Spring Break are at all vintage-inspired, these might be the sunglasses for you! They’re slightly more bold and geometric than the kind your grandma used to wear… I love them!


Hot Topic round Sunglasses

Hot Topic round Sunglasses Price: $9.99 at hottopic.com
When Hot Topic says “round,” they mean ROUND! These sunglasses are completely round. I love the cool shape and the color! These would be cute with a floral print sundress or bathing-suit cover-up and some funky sandals. Aren’t they kind of boho?


Forever 21 F9974 Sunglasses

Forever 21 F9974 Sunglasses Price: $5.80 at forever21.com
These sunglasses may just be my favorites! I love the avocado-green color, and the clear detailing. Also, the graduated lens is nice, and they still provide 100% UV protection! If you don’t like the green, they also come in black…


Forever 21 F0473 Sunglasses

Forever 21 F0473 Sunglasses Price: $5.80 at forever21.com
Choose purple-pink or brown, and sparkle and shine for Spring Break! Wear these with a gauzy scarf and a flowy, flirty dress. Or wear them with just about any swim-suit you have, and prepare to be noticed! I love the little rhinestones in the arms…

So many cute sunglasses, just in time for Spring Break! Grab a pair or three of these and hit the beach, the shops, the pool… have fun! Which of these do you love best? Got another pair you want to share? Please let me know!

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