Top 10 Must Have Dresses for the Summer ...

Summer time is almost here, do you know what this means? This means that it is time to put away those winter clothes and break out with those summer dresses! To pay a tribute to winter passing and summer coming, I have decided to write a blog on the top 10 must have dressed for the summer. We are going to play a little game here, when I tell you about a dress, I want you to tell me if you love it or leave it…

10. London Times Women's One Shoulder Stretch Jacquard Dress

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Price: $90.00 at
This is a beautiful one shoulder dress that has bow detail on it. When I look at this dress, it just screams summer! And for a low price of ninety dollars on Amazon, you can easily purchase it. What do you think about this dress? Love it or leave it?

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