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8 Hot Lingerie to Impress Your Guy ...

By Melanie

Of course, from time to time, we are sure you want to dress to impress your guy…in bed. Who here loves doing it? If you are looking for some sexy lingerie that will be sure to capture his full attention, then I have what you are looking for.

8 Leather Ring Teddy

Price: $40.95 at
If you are looking to get your man (almost literally) right away, then this is surely the way to go! If he does not think you look good in this, then I do not know what he is thinking! Continue to number 7 if you do not like this one.

7 Patent Leather Open Bust Halter Neck Teddy

Price: $22.95 at
The open bust is a big turn on for guys. This outfit alone is a big turn on with the patent leather offerings. It has an adjustable Velcro back strap and a g-string bottom. Ready to capture his attention?

6 Lace Bustier Set

Price: $19.95 at
I have noticed that guys really dig lace. Does your guy like lace? They especially like blue and red lace. Okay, now I feel like we are talking about babies but they like black and red as well. This lingerie is so adorable that it’s sexy.

5 Fishnet Chemise

Price: $8.95 at
This may be the basic fishnet chemise, but the guy in your life is surely not going to care about that. This is available in the colors black and purple. Personally, I think guys prefer the black type, but you could always try the purple to see.

4 Patent Leather Strap Open Bust Teddy

Price: $20.95 at
Surely, with this one, you are going to turn him on. These straps will be sure to catch his eyes. This has an adjustable back, adjustable g-string and adjustable collar.

3 Stretch Fishnet Bodysuit

Price: $26.95 at
This is one of those lovely fishnet bodysuits that your man will love. It has a ribbon tie in the front and a lace trim collar. The cuffs are also trimmed with lace. It comes in the colors black, white and red. Personally, I think the red one looks the best.

2 Patent Leather Peek-a-boo Lace-up Teddy

Price: $24.95 at
This is an open cup patent leather teddy. I really like the lace up front. The collar is adjustable. The g-string just might end up being his favorite!

1 Strappy Lace Teddy

Price: $15.95 at
Out of all of them, this one is my favorite. This halter neck with the g-string back will be sure to capture his attention. The Spandex is going to feel comfortable when you wear it.

I have noticed that guys love lace. They especially love black and red lace. If you have experience, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Those are 8 pieces that will be sure to catch his eyes. So, which one would you wear?

Top Photo Credit: ourcitylights

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