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10 Pieces of Lingerie That Youll Love ...

By Kati

I love getting new lingerie. It always makes me feel amazing, and if it’s high quality, it makes me look amazing too! Unfortunately, a lot of women still see lingerie as more for their men then for them, though, so I’ve been hunting out lingerie that you and your man could love together. After all, who doesn’t love feeling sexy?!

Table of contents:

  1. o lingerie victoria floral print with lace
  2. o lingerie jacqueline floral print underwire
  3. o lingerie satin short robe
  4. 6ixty 8ight contrast satin and lace bra
  5. implicite ‘crystal’ underwired lace half cup
  6. karen miller contrast lace lingerie dress
  7. pleasure state bordello chantilly lace
  8. vollers gold satin corset

1 O Lingerie Victoria Floral Print with Lace

Price: $40 at
Want something that will make you feel sexy, pretty, and feminine, all in one! I love the pretty floral pattern, and the gorgeous black lace over the cups. It has a classic babydoll shape, which is very flattering, and matching underwear! If you want to dress it up more, try wearing it with pastel heels, and tousled hair. Gorgeous!

2 O Lingerie Jacqueline Floral Print Underwire

Price: $43 at
I love all things sexy and frilly, so this babydoll is definitely on my ‘must have’ list! The mix of light blues, purples and yellows looks Spring-like and stunning, and the babydoll is carefully shaped to look sexy yet subtle, and the matching underwear is divine...It looks simply gorgeous! It’s also got underwired cups, meaning its supportive too!

3 O Lingerie Satin Short Robe

Price: $30 at
If you want something sexy to wear but don’t want to bear all, this is the lingerie for you. The satin feels luxurious and soft against skin, and you can’t help feeling pampered and gorgeous! The ruffle trim and hint of red keep it sexy, and it’s short enough to show off your legs without making you shy. Teamed with black heels, you’ll be irresistible!

4 6ixty 8ight Contrast Satin and Lace Bra

Price: $20 at
6ixty 8ight bras are famed for being comfortable yet stylish, and I love this monochrome well as being bang on trend, it also has contrasting satin and lace, which feels luscious against the skin! The bra is comfortable and flattering, and the matching underwear completes the look perfectly. Team with red lipstick and curls for a sexy-retro look!

7 Implicite ‘Crystal’ Underwired Lace Half Cup

Price: $67 at
Lace bras are very fashionable, and once you’ve worn one, you’ll understand why! I love this one’s bright turquoise colour, and it’s so comfortable...the lace is soft and will make you feel like a princess. Half cups are very sexy, too...just team with matching underwear, and it’s the perfect confidence-boosting outfit.

8 Karen Miller Contrast Lace Lingerie Dress

Price: $279 at
Perfect for when you want to look elegant, this Karen Miller dress is stunning! The nude shade is right on trend, and the lace appliqués look’s so flattering, and it’ll instantly make you forget any hang-ups...It’s perfect for teaming with heels! You could even wear it out...

9 Pleasure State Bordello Chantilly Lace

Price: $62 at
I love lace, and I love red, so this set is one of my long-standing favourites! It always makes me feel amazing, whether I’m wearing it under clothes or on its own. The deep red colour looks fantastic with red lipstick and Marilyn Monroe, and feel gorgeous!

10 Vollers Gold Satin Corset

Price: $111 at
If you don’t like your stomach, this is perfect. The light golden colour looks fantastic against any skin tone, and will make you look super-radiant. The sweetheart neckline keeps it sexy, and it’s great for teaming with jeans or with some skimpy underwear! Add a matching skirt and it’ll make a divine dress...

My lingerie draw suddenly needs to be a lot bigger! It’s an amazing pick-me-up, and my boyfriend loves it too...I can’t get enough! Have you got a favourite piece of lingerie, or a designer you really love? Share your lingerie loves with me!

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