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7 Great Dresses to Wear on a Date ...

By Melanie

When it comes to date night, it can be complicated rummaging through that closet trying to find something nice to wear. If the date is really special, then why don’t you go out and purchase a new dress? Below, I am going to give you the top 7 dresses to wear on a date night…

7 Amazement

AmazementPrice: $32.80 at
Impress and amaze with this dress. The tank top top is what really adds some style to it. The bow tie in the middle also adds something to it. It’s a stylish dress that would be great for a night of bowling or going to a theater.

6 Black Formal Evening Dress

Black Formal Evening DressPrice: $69.99 at at
If you plan on having a formal evening, then this black formal evening dress would work perfectly. It is long and flowing. Perfect for those dinner party dates!

5 A Simple Pink Dress

A Simple Pink DressPrice: $25.80 at
If you are having a dinner date to a fancy restaurant, then this would be perfect. It’s a stylish, pink sweater designed dress that will look very trendy on your date. The black belt on the waste really adds something. Wouldn’t you like to have this in your collection?

4 Green Lace Long Evening Dress

Green Lace Long Evening DressPrice: $69.99 at
This long, lace green dress really is spectacular. It’s good for that formal party you plan on taking your date to. However, it is also good to wear to a fancy restaurant. So, what do you think? Would you wear this?

3 NWT Chic V-shape Flower Print Summer Dress

NWT Chic V-shape Flower Print Summer DressPrice: $54.99 at
If you are into some light color and are sick of those plain old black dresses, then try this one out. This will be sure to add some color on your date. To top it off, wear your hear down with a colorful barrette on the side.

2 Fabulous Satin Ruffle Cocktail Dress

Fabulous Satin Ruffle Cocktail DressPrice: $59.99 at
This is a beautiful, purple dress. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so you know I would select this. Plus, I think it is just the right length for a special date night.

1 Golden Fab Sash Cocktail Dress

Golden Fab Sash Cocktail DressPrice: $59.99 at
This dress is perfect for date night. If you do not like the golden look, then the yellow look would be sure to brighten up your date. Yes, it is also available in yellow.

With all of thee dresses on my list, it is hard to choose just one, so we resort to trying to figure out which one to get. Hey, it’s better this way, because it’s not something out of your closet that you have wore on another date. Make memories that last in a gorgeous, new dress! Which ones do you like?

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