7 Really Expensive Dresses ...


7 Really Expensive Dresses ...
7 Really Expensive Dresses ...

Don’t ask me why these dresses are so expensive – I did not set the price on them. However, many of them are very beautiful and made of high quality materials. Not to mention the fact that they are name brand. This blog is more so to look at and “wish.” Here are 7 really expensive dresses ..

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Riva Embellished Silk-chiffon Mini Dress

Riva Embellished Silk-chiffon Mini Dress Price: $1,750 at net-a-porter.com
This is definitely the classic little black dresswith some added flair. At cocktails, you are definitely going to cause a stir. Pair this with some sparkling shoes and you will look divine!


Suede Buckled V-neck Dress

Suede Buckled V-neck Dress Price: $10,085 at net-a-porter.com
I don’t really dig this dress. Although, it would be a great dress to wear on date night as it gives you a touch of glamour. Pair this with some glamorous boots and you'd look perfect!


Chain Tier Silk-chiffon Dress

Chain Tier Silk-chiffon Dress Price: $990.00 at net-a-porter.com
I really like this layered dress. So, who here is going to loan me nine hundred and ninety dollars to buy it? Just kidding, if I wanted it that bad, I would get it. I am totally digging the chain embellishment on it. One thing, I think this dress would look better if it werea red dress.


Tiered Silk-gazar Dress

Tiered Silk-gazar Dress Price: $4,960 at net-a-porter.com
This is a strapless dress. I think it could be used as a wedding dress. It has intentionally unfinished edges to it that make it look neat. I think anyone wearing it would look like a floating angel!


Marchesa Dress

Marchesa Dress Price: $5,940.00 at marissacollections.com
This is a cute black dress. It’s not your average black dressand should only be worn for a glamorous night out on the town. I am totally digging the roses on this black dress!


Marchesa One-Shoulder Feather Skirt Embroidered Mini-Dress

Marchesa One-Shoulder Feather Skirt Embroidered Mini-Dress Price: $6,600.00 at marissacollections.com
I am so totally digging the bottom part of this dress, which is full of feathers! This dress definitely has a lot going on and I want this! Maybe if I am good enough this year, my husband will get it as a Christmas present – I’m putting this one on my list.


Oscar De La Renta Dress

Oscar De La Renta Dress Price: $4,850.00 at marissacollections.com
Yes, this year, I have a lot of dresses that I want and this is one of them. I can’t figure out which one is my favorite. It is either one or two. Which one do you like the most? This one is cute – I am digging the lace. Hint: guys like all things lace.

So, there you have it, 7 really expensive dresses that I want … hey, they always said that a girl can dream, right? There are many other pretty dresses out there, but I will leave that to you. Can you give a link to one of your favorites?

Top Photo Credit: .bella.

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i would its apsoultlie beuituful but im only 12 right now cuple more years to go but i guess i could get it fr prom

hmm, the only one i love is number four. i totally agree, could be a cool wedding dress! and i really don't get the suede one, i would never pay $10,000 for that!

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