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17 Sexiest Cocktail Dresses ...

By Sheila

A lot of women usually make the mistake of thinking that cocktail dresses should be, more often than not, black and comfortable to wear. While there’s nothing wrong with that notion, it sometimes pays off to NOT be on the “safe side.” Just check out these 17 sexiest cocktail dresses and you’ll know what I mean!

Table of contents:

  1. lanvin nude dress
  2. herve leger cocktail dress
  3. marc jacobs silk cocktail dress
  4. thread social
  5. hervé léger
  6. willow
  7. teri jon
  8. emilio pucci
  9. nicola finetti swirl cocktail dress
  10. diane von furstenberg
  11. herve leger
  12. miu miu
  13. boss black one shoulder metallic taffeta dress
  14. alice + olivia red belted off-shoulder dress
  15. badgley mischka platinum label
  16. bcbg ruched jersey dress
  17. bcbg one-shoulder embellished dress

1 Lanvin Nude Dress

Price: $3,523.50 at

2 Herve Leger Cocktail Dress

Price: $1650 at

3 Marc Jacobs Silk Cocktail Dress

Price: $1200 at

4 Thread Social

Silk-blend open-back dress
Price: £501.28 at

5 Hervé Léger

Asymmetric-neck bandage dress
Price: £1,802.34 at

6 Willow

Pleated bodice dress
Price: £653.35 at

7 Teri Jon

Short-Sleeve Printed Cocktail Dress
Price: $500 at

8 Emilio Pucci

Denim panel mini dress
Price: £2,731.69 at

9 Nicola Finetti Swirl Cocktail Dress

Price: £480.00 at

10 Diane Von Furstenberg

Lele silk-chiffon strapless dress
Price: $385 at

11 Herve Leger

Pearl Blue Mini Stretch-Dress
Price: 1.790 € at

12 Miu Miu

Price: $717.80 at

13 BOSS Black One Shoulder Metallic Taffeta Dress

Price: $850.00 at

14 Alice + Olivia Red Belted off-Shoulder Dress

Price: $352.00 at

15 Badgley Mischka Platinum Label

V-Neck Cocktail Dress
Price: $695 at

16 BCBG Ruched Jersey Dress

Price: $198 at

17 BCBG One-shoulder Embellished Dress

Price: $248 at

So now that you've seen my favorite 17 sexiest cocktail dresses of the season, please do tell which of these you'd wear to a party and which you'd stay clear of. Are you going to play it safe with black, go bold with red or try an elegant neutral colored dress? As when it comes to picking a sexy dress, even the most outrageous fashionistas need as much help as they can get, right?

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