7 Gorgeous Dresses for Spring ...

I love the Spring time... from the gorgeous sun, which let's face it, all of us need after the Winter, to the stunning clothes, it’s one of the best times of year. It’s impossible not to be happy! It does mean a wardrobe revamp, though, since suddenly my favourite knitted dress and tights doesn’t cut it anymore! So I’ve been searching through the Spring style, and here are my top 7 gorgeous dresses for Spring!

1. Ribbon Tie Butterfly Print Dress

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Price: $68 at asos.com
Nothing makes me feel more Spring like then butterflies, and this cute dress teams gorgeous butterfly prints with a loose fit and big pink ribbon... it takes inspiration from very on trend girly, vintage shaping and a hint of sexiness to make a gorgeous dress... this one is already on my “Must Have” list!

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