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5 Clogs Cuteness Outfit Ideas...

By Meream

1 They're Baaaack....

Yes, they are whether you like or not. I'm still leaning towards the NOT side. However, this post on clogs styling ideas may just help me open my mind to them sandals.

2 Clogs, Socks, and NYC

Karen has been rocking clogs and long skirts over at NYC. I love her monochromatic outfits paired with the wooden sandals.

3 They Go Well with Thrifted

Judging this look, you will agree with the previous statement. But then, Rhiannon sure knows how to dress up.

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4 Cloggy Boheme

Who knew they're perfect with that carefree bohemian look? You can tell that I purposely never paid attention to anything clogs-related before this year.

5 White Princess

Rebecca looks absolutely darling in her white dress, dotted pantyhose, and yes, clogs. A fur-collared jacket completes the look.
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