10 Sexy Shirts You Have to Have This Summer ...


10 Sexy Shirts You Have to Have This Summer ...
10 Sexy Shirts You Have to Have This Summer ...

When they say in order to hide your flaws, bring out your greatest features, do you know what I say? I say okay then, I will find some sexy shirts, that will definitely work. You will hardly ever find me in a T-shirt, it’s not really my style. I am a girl that just has to be unique. I can’t go around looking like everyone else in this small town. So, below, I am going to show you 10 sexy shirts you have to have this summer. They definitely aren’t for those girls that like wearing T-shirts!

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Tropical Nights

Tropical Nights Price: $22.80 at greatglam.com
I really like this shirt. In this saucy shirt, you can explore the beauty of the night. The open tie back design will allow you to adjust the shirt so that it will fit just right. There will be no annoying bra straps showing as this has been designed to wear braless.



Ashanti Price: $27.80 at greatglam.com
The pin stripes on this shirt add a chic touch to it. At the same time, those leatherette accents create a pretty flirty piece. It buttons up at top to ensure a comfortable fit. So, what do you think about this shirt?


Attack It

Attack It Price: $24.80 at greatglam.com
There is a reason this black shirt has the name “attack it.” Because you will definitely be attacking that single guy you have been interesting in. The sequin trim wraps around the lower region along with the neck. The straps cross in the back of the shirt.



Jingle Price: $22.80 at greatglam.com
I actually like this shirt. It would look nice at the poolside or to the club. Other than that, I don’t know where you would want to wear it. I know that you will twinkle like a star wherever you may wear it. I like how it’s like a bikini up top, then the tail of it wraps around and you tie it at the waist. It’s a pretty unique shirt.


Reveal Me

Reveal Me Price: $25.80 at greatglam.com
Do you have something that you would like to reveal? Perhaps this is something that you would like to wear to the club during the night? It will be sure to get you sweating and that is for sure! I like the stretchy belt that wraps around it.


Believe in Love

Believe in Love Price:; $25.80 at greatglam.com
Make the guy of your dreams believe in love when he see’s you in this shirt. That is why the shirt has gotten the name “believe in love.” The tie neck halter leads to a deep draped neckline.cThe inner bandeau gives this shirt a comfortable fit.


Least I Dream

Least I Dream Price: $28.80 at greatglam.com
This shirt will definitely set you apart from the crowd – don’t you think? This vest has a unique type of stud detail to it that you cannot turn down. If it were not for the studs that are lining this shirt, you would just have a plain white vest.


Shark Attack

Shark Attack Price: $20.80 at greatglam.com
I bet you can guess why they call this shirt “Shark Attack.” It’s more than likely because the top part of it looks as if it has been attacked by a shark. No, this is not a used shirt and it really hasn’t been through a shark attack, those holes going across the upper part are meant to be there and I must say, it’s pretty cool!


The Shark Attack tee boasts an edgy and daring design that is perfect for those who want to add a bit of boldness to their summer wardrobe. The ripped detailing exudes a certain je ne sais quoi that will surely turn heads at any beach party or casual outing. Priced at just $20.80, it's an affordable way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Moreover, paired with your favorite shorts or a cute skirt, this shirt serves as the ultimate conversation starter and speaks volumes of your adventurous fashion sense.


Welcome Center

Welcome Center Price: $24.80 at greatglam.com
Now, I am not exactly sure as to why they call this shirt “Welcome Center.” I don’t think it has anything to do with a welcome center. However, if you are looking for something that is sexy, yet not too revealing like a lot of the shirts I have listed on here, then this one is for you. The open shoulder sleep design is really in these days.


Unseen Sins

Unseen Sins Price: $26.80 at greatglam.com
I could only wonder why they call this shirt “Unseen Sins.” Could it be because it is only giving a small peak at the chest? Therefore, this shirt is still sexy, but it is not revealing. I like the drawstring neckline. I have a shirt similar to this one and I like it.

I know that some of these shirts on here are a bit too revealing, but I told you I was going to show you some sexy shirts that are not ordinary. Shirts that make you stand out from the crowd. Shirts that I would wear and you got them! So, which ones do you like the most?

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I like shirts 1-3.

if people had bodies like this. if you lived in some Jersey Shore or something. if you were heading to a club tonight. :)

I like 8 its cute so is 3

The only one I like is Shark attack.

if i a) had a body like these models and b) didn't want anybody to take me seriously, then yeah, sure, these tops would be great. i say 'tops' because i don't think these can honestly be classified as 'shirts'. number 2, yeah, maybe. but the rest them? no way.

this post is almost as bad as the "Sexy swimsuit" post by the same author. Trash.

I'm sure there are a lot better items on greatglam than these.. Im sorry this is not a good list =/

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