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10 Fashionable Sunglasses for This Summer ...

By Britni

I love sunglasses! I also believe you can never have too many, especially during the summer. Check out these fashionable sunglasses below... I want them all!

1 Betsey Johnson 'Retro Leopard' Sunglasses

Betsey Johnson 'Retro Leopard' SunglassesPrice: $65.00 at
These glasses are sure to turn heads. The pink around the frame makes them stand out. I love the RayBan shape of these glasses, and of course, the bright pink animal print!Vintage fabulous!

2 Forever 21 - F1999

Forever 21 - F1999Price: $5.80 at
A very fashionable pair of sunglasses for a low price. The gold around the arms of the glasses makes them look like an expensive pair ofMarc Jacobs.


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3 Charlotte Russe - Black and White Contrast Sunglasses

Charlotte Russe - Black and White Contrast SunglassesPrice: $6.50 at
These glasses remind me of the Chanel brand! Perfect for any face shape and will compliment any outfit. And I love the black and white graphic on the sides. These would look great with a pair of ripped leggings and a cute tunic.

4 Jessica Simpson – J362

Jessica Simpson – J362Price: $45.00 at
I absolutely adore these glasses. The butterfly shaped frame is to cute. These would be my cute everyday sunglasses. I can pair them with practically anything!

5 Baby Phat - Oversized Wayferer

Baby Phat - Oversized WayfererPrice: $59.00 at
I love the rhinestones on these glasses. I would wear these with a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic tee with some sneakers and Rock Out!

6 Rocawear

RocawearPrice: $45.00 at
A casual pair of sunglasses with some sass! I like the X’s on the arms of the glasses. I would add these glasses to the everyday wear collection. Wear with an adorable summer dress and flip flops!

7 Steve Madden – Vintage Plastic Oval Sunglasses

Steve Madden – Vintage Plastic Oval SunglassesPrice: $34.00 at
The oversized sunglasses! Who doesn’t need a pair. Of course they are too big for any face shape but they are the “in” glasses... and you really can wear them with anything though I would pick something deliciously floral to go with it.

8 Marc Jacobs - Plastic Octagon Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs - Plastic Octagon SunglassesPrice: $85.00 at
These octagon shaped glasses are so cute. I would buy them in every color. They are sexy and unique. What else would you except from Mac Jacobs?

9 Chloe – Myrtle Oversized Sunglasses

Chloe – Myrtle Oversized SunglassesPrice: $150.00 - $290.00 at
A more circular shaped oversized sunglasses. I probably prefer the circular over the oval shaped oversized glasses but, they both work out the same. So retro, so cool! Pair with adorable owl accessories that will make everyone go Aww!

10 Marc Jacobs – Shield Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs – Shield SunglassesPrice: $98.00 at
Shield sunglasses are cool! When you just don’t want to be seen because of a nasty hangover, put these fashionable glasses on and go on about your day. So urban and chic!

Which of these sunglasses do you like? Do you have a particular style of glasses that you always wear? Please let me know... I love sunglasses!

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